Banks,  Processors and Acquirers consider  “High Risk” merchant accounts due to the business type, high reputational risk, high fraud potential, is prone to chargebacks, or risk of financial failure exits. Cannabis, pipes, vape, CBD etc fall under this umbrella.

Things get tougher when they fall under the Card Not Present category, work from home and/or being a start up business. Processors have a long list of industry types that they will not open an account for. You can see what a general list looks like below. 

Common commercial banks aren’t prepared to take on these riskier merchant accounts. We partner with various banks that specialize in establishing  these account types. 

Request an Application

If you have been turned down by your bank or another Merchant Service Provider, contact us. We have a 95% approval rate. As they say say in Lotto, “You Have to Play to Win!”. 

Call or Email us. One of our Consultants will be more than happy to help.

Extreme Risks You May Encounter With Mainstream Processors

Flagging: If your company sells smoking paraphernalia, other processors often “Flag” you. Which brings you to the next step.

Account Freeze: A frozen account occurs after the flagging. This is where your account comes under review by your processor.

When your account is frozen you will not be able to accept payments. Your funds will also be held pending their investigation of your account.

Shut Down: Mainstream payment processors like Stripe or PayPal have the ability to shut down your account at any time. So even though they may have quickly approved your account, they will quickly close your ability to take payments down too.

Avoid The Headache

When working with a company like ours that welcomes merchants in the smoking industry, you avoid the headache.
Many of our merchants were either referred to us or found us after being terminated by their former payment providers.
We specialize in the smoking industry and do processing for many of the largest wholesale suppliers out there (Referrals available upon request).
RS Merchant Services has 26 years in the credit card processing industry and have experienced the changes this field has undergone. Many newbies come onto the scene and sign up merchant accounts without the proper training Visa and MasterCard provided years ago. Many Agents today are trained to just go and sign up merchants without establishing a good understanding and training it takes to keep your accounts protected from fraud or incurring excessive charges for being penalized due to processing transactions in a wrong manner. A very prevalent scenario today is when merchant funds do get held by the bank and the merchant attempts to contact the agent who signed them up and cannot reach them. Or they call a 1-800 number to stay on hold or get bounced around from department to department with little to no help.
We hear this way too often. This is mainly due to inexperience on behalf of the agent and often the sales office you signed up with. This is a nightmare scenario that plays out everyday. Our next step explains what you can expect with RS Merchant Services International.

Dedicated Account Rep


One of the most important assets in having a merchant account is dependability. If no one has your back when the problem hits the fan and your agent is a dodgeball champion avoiding calls like many do, that seriously hurts your business. Hopefully you never have an unfortunate situation in your processing, but if and when you do, you need someone to go up and bat for you. That is where RS Merchant Services Int’l stands out.
You can count on having a dedicated Merchant Consultant in your corner with a hard hat on and sleeves rolled up ready to do the work with you.
You will have your Consultants mobile number to call when you need to reach someone. We are not dodge ball champions. In fact we do not run too fast so you will have no problem reaching us for support. If your Consultant is in a meeting with another valuable merchant when you call, they will return your call as soon as the meeting is over. You are not another number with RS, you are our partner. That is how we have an unbelievable rate of referrals. We treat you very well and you will tell your friends.

Our Consultants are highly trained and have years of experience in merchant services. You will be set up with everything you and your business needs to be up and running and successful. If you aren’t succeeding, we are not succeeding.

Your Merchant Consultant will:

  • Assist you in filling out an application
  • Communicate any documents needed for Underwriting
  • Keep you posted on any updates
  • Assist with any integrations or set up of equipment
  • Always be available to provide personalized customer service when you need


Industries We Work With

  • CBD
  • Vaping
  • Smoking Accessories (Pipes etc.)
  • Marijuana Dispensaries & Delivery
  • Work from Home
  • Card Not Present
  • New Start Ups
  • Bad Credit
  • High Volume
  • Large Transaction Size
  • Online Gaming & Casinos
  • Multilevel Marketing
  • Moving & Transportation
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Seminars
  • Online Firearms
  • Online Ticketing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Bail Bonds
  • Online Furniture
  • Calling Cards
  • Travel Agencies
  • Time Shares
  • VOIP and Telecom
  • Cigars and Pipes
  • Software and E-Books