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when fpgas hit the 90nm process node, manufacturers were able to build chips with enough gates and memory on them to host real hpc kernels. the xilinx virtex-4 and altera stratix ii are two such chips. more recently, xilinx and altera have delivered even more powerful fpgas, using 65nm technology virtex-5 and stratix iii, respectively. reconfigurable computing vendors are just catching up to the newfound treasure. drc computer corp., xtremedata inc., celoxica holdings plc, nallatech, mitrionics ab, impulse accelerated technologies and a handful of others are beginning to crack the hpc marketplace.

with the introduction of high-end asics, fpga companies have felt the need to up their game as well. in the past, the fpga companies (xilinx and altera) were the ones in the lead when it came to high performance computing solutions. companies like nallatech, lattice and embrane are now looking to join the pack with their own solutions.

xilinx has been around for several decades. since their inception, they have been very innovative. their focus on helping customers move to fpgas has been a major factor in their success. the industry is full of companies that offer fpga design services. very few actually deliver on what they promise. xilinx has a long track record of quality customer service and has helped a number of customers find success with fpgas.

xilinx isn’t just about fpgas. the company has a number of very interesting ip cores that it licenses to other vendors to use. some of the ip cores are standard cores that can be used in a number of applications. the virtex-5 fpga has ip cores for dsp, floating point, video processing and more.

xilinx was founded in 1985 by doug field and his wife and business partner, candy. he was the first person to bring a programmable logic device to market, the xilinx xc2l100. doug built the company by building the device to order and selling it to early customers. doug and candy were driven by the belief that the future of computing would be driven by programmable logic devices (plds) and that their company would be instrumental in making that future possible. today, xilinx is the world leader in fpga and hard ip solutions, and its products are driving improvements across a wide range of markets including mobile communications, automotive, industrial, financial services, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics and the internet of things (iot).
the company was recently named as a 2019 gartner cool vendor in plds. in addition, xilinx has been named to the dow jones sustainability world index, one of the worlds most respected indexes of sustainability leadership, and is on the dow jones sustainability world indexes list of the worlds 10 most sustainable companies. as part of its focus on customer success, xilinx was named to the 2019 crn list of the 100 best tech partners. xilinx is a member of graphene and is among the top 10 global users of graphene. xilinx is also a member of ieee and a gold member of snia.
zellmergroup : xilinx puts to rest, shuffles staffs dallas-based fpgasyncs provider xilinx corp. has transferred all its staffs to its singapore base, effective dec. 1, the company said. the company, which was taken private last september, said it has closed its stock offering, and it will pay a $500,000 fee to the underwriter to cover part of the expenses of the stock offering.