Hot Tiles are a great way to help players with RPG management. When players click on your map it searches your campaign for relevant tiles. Let’s say I type in “Mortuary” and a tile appears that has blood pool (among other things.) When a tile is clicked a pop up box will appear with a preview of the tile along with links to it’s description and the Ability system. This makes accessing the help pages of Dungeon Masters so much easier.
Player’s Handbook For Dungeons & Dragons:
This is the core document that defines what a character can and cannot do. It also has details on how characters interact with the world and other characters. In this module, players can view their class description, special class abilities and spells, spell list, race, background, equipment, feat list and even have their character’s portrait come to life on a custom portrait sheet. This module also contains a wealth of information about the Monster Manual and includes a listing of all spells and spell level entries.
Monster Manual For Dungeons & Dragons:
This is the core book that defines creatures that inhabit the world of the Forgotten Realms. Each monster is defined with its stats, abilities, special features and background. The Player’s Handbook also shows how to combat and interact with these creatures.
Saving Throws For Dungeons & Dragons:
The saving throws are the defining statistics of Dungeons & Dragons. Each class, race and personality has its own set of saves to keep the battle fair and balanced. The Player’s Handbook included in this module has pages for each spell with its respective save DC.
Magic Items For Dungeons & Dragons:
This is the core book that defines magic items and all their properties, including appearances, effects and limitations. Magic item listings are divided into three sections: Trinkets, Common and Rare. Items are graded by level. This module also includes a listing of all book pages for reference.
Feats For Dungeons & Dragons:
In Dungeons & Dragons, feats are the defining characteristic of a class. Players will often find themselves wondering if their idea of a feat is even one that your character could take. This module gives you complete control to list every feat from the Player’s Handbook by name and ability score.
Weapons For Dungeons & Dragons:
In Dungeons & Dragons, the weapons define the difference between characters and monsters. This module gives you complete control to list every weapon from the Player’s Handbook by name, weight, damage type, and price.
Armor For Dungeons & Dragons:
In Dungeons & Dragons


Features Key:

  • New Field Marshall:
    The King!
  • New Class:
    The Poisoner
  • 6 New Books:
    Wizards, Witches, and a Inquisitor
  • New Equipment,
    Crafting, and Resources:
    A Handmade Armoury
  • 1 New Wizardry Class:
    Lorelij Altezan
  • New and Old:
    Dossier, Adventures, Accessories, and Treasure
  • New Characters and Storyline!
    The tale of an Elf is Unfinished
  • DLC:
    Tallanor: New City


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You are Lev, a professional puppeteer in the highest of the puppeteer ranks. One of the best acrobats in your city, your biggest dream is to become a puppeteer (which you can achieve if you make it to the highest rank).
The most sought after profession, therefore, has it’s pitfalls to be avoided. To get even the slightest of advantage, you must follow the path of a real puppeteer and live the LARP and the training, if not very well, at least as a professional.
In a non-tangible world of illusions, only real facts matter! That is the reason of your training! The stage is a place where many things can happen. You can fall, you can get hurt and suffer, you can get humiliated, you can get rewarded, you can even get stabbed!
Only if you can overcome the sad possibilities of the stage and plan how to get rid of your safety nets, you will be one of the most fearsome puppeteers in history.
The game is a social experience and requires many things from you. Skills for puppeteering, standing on your own feet, facing your fears, learning the ropes of the LARP, learning how to deal with the logic rules and much more.
The world of Lev is a place you must mold yourself, where you will be guided by the bright and highly experienced players around you, but it’s up to you how well you will do this.
Join others and experience the world of the LARP for the first time.
In order to become a master, you need to feel more emotions, experience more poses, learn more rules, but you still have time! You can relax and enjoy the process as you play with your puppets in the LARP and roleplay as puppeteer!
LEV isn’t a puppeteer trainer, though. It’s not an art project. It’s a way of life.
– A LARP mechanic, which will teach you all the ropes of the game.
– Discover yourself by investigating the three characters available.
– Play with them on different scenarios and missions!
The world of Lev is an immersive, social world.
Players and puppeteers can enjoy the same story, have their own characters and their own independent paths.
Players will be the main characters of the story. Their character


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List of other adventures you can enjoy!:
aka NathanNathansSeaCreature
Thanks for watching! ?
Submitted by: SANABI
All Video games are property of their owners. This game is intended only to be used for FUN, training, education, learning, practice & entertainment.
[email protected]_us
? Assistant Programmer / Game Master:
? Game Designer, Event Planner, Driver:
Annick Huguenin
? Graphic Designer:
Kitty Paik
? Graphics programmer:
Austin Plunkett
? Composer:

? CharacterArtist:

? Voice:

? Animator:

? SANABI Team:
Rafael Valadares (EVP.Lead Story),
[email protected]_BR,
William Graczyk (Publisher)
? Camera operator:
NathanNatan (Fly Or Die)

? SANABI by Zoofil


What’s new:

Eastern Recap, Version 3.0

1) In recent years Tracon had often made some seemingly silly but well-thought out decisions, including the around 2008 decision to kill the Tallahassee sector, and the around 2010 decision to claim jurisdiction over the San Diego sector. After that, I was reasonably sure that Tracon was readying the things that would launch a new generation of Florida in that no longer would they be picking the railroad of the Great White North for their next campaign.

2) To be fair to the folks at Tracon, I realized that there’s a reason the rebirth of Tracon’s rail-war looks familiar: most of the systems survived the last expansion. In this regard, I’ll try to reassert that there are some lesser-known systems worthy of mention. Namely, The Union of South Africa is good. It began with a sacrifice of a Taurus line to Port Elizabeth, which has deteriorated much to where it’s a poor Danville-bound passenger line. The Diamondfield line was also notoriously pretty bad. Today it looks pretty good and almost complete (something that would be a surprise to so many traditionalists). Finally, The Rinker Sprint line is the surprise of this year’s SE. Great staff, great gauge, very complete to date, and has even built a couple of spurs past the pivotal Milford Pass over the past few years. It’s a pioneering rail line for Florida that will once again be an excellent choice for rail war.

3) Over the past seven years I’ve run my Florida campaign pretty much as my own brainchild, and that means I don’t try to validate my opinions with knowledge that tracon has had at that time. One subject I’ve failed to cover has been SE’s qualifying locomotive roster, which I know I’ve been vague on at times. Well, this year the full slate has finally come. Here’s what I have learned.

4) Tracon’s most abundant class of locomotives, the 160-ton ACPHs, most of the time these have to be used as useless excursion locomotives, or help out Florida with seasonal heavy trains. I’ve been accused of ripping on the ACPHs for their inability to haul a normal slate, something which isn’t true. Each time, for example the Osceola shippers are


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Coastal state on the verge of collapse is your new home. Depopulated, bad gas and dead technology are your only allies. Soon, the first stage of the zombie apocalypse has begun. Many travelers had left before the disaster and it seems that there are very few left.
Evade. Survive. Die Later.
Forty-four days before the end of the world, the last strangers have left the highways and open land of America. Now you can see the real horror. They are known for the unknown horror. Sometimes they eat living things. The night is the worst for them. You will know what night means if you are this game.

Crazy Monkey King is a action game developed by 3D Game Studio. In this game, you take control of the Monkey King, a brave man who lost his throne and wants to get it back.
You must overcome many obstacles in order to find the missing piece of the puzzle. The Monkey King needs a special ring and the crystals that match the color of the royal palace will let him to achieve his mission.
Crazy Monkey King is a fun and challenging physics-based action game with special effects, cartoon style graphics, amazing sound and music and an immersive 3D experience.
The Monkey King is one of the most powerful warriors. He is very skillful in using his magic powers. He also has a team of loyal allies. Together with his powerful magical attacks, you will use tools that unlock different chests where you can find the hidden jewels. You can also find some special weapons to help in combat and the special ring!
Unique 3D graphics, cartoon style characters and elements, psychedelic effects.
Over 100 levels, easy to hard, get a high score.
Dynamic and varied special effects, powerups and special items.
Unique characters with their own special abilities.
Cooperative gameplay, just like the classic mario games.
Heart pong-style gameplay, move left and right, jump, jump high.
Intuitive controls.
No unnecessary items or bonus areas to defeat.
Combo attacking, different attacks like hammer, fireball, homing shot.
Powerful magic attacks.
NEW: Added achievements, unlockable levels and more!

This game is about balancing the body with the brain.
You must keep it clean!
Maintain balance to play this game!
No matter how messy the environment, your body always looks,


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