When you want to confirm the content of the window under the overlapping window,It can be seen by usually clicking the button of the taskbar or clicking a lower window.
The WindowCurl application was designed to be a small program that can turn over the window by dragging the corner of the window to turn over the book and the note.







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WindowCurl shows the window to turn over by dragging the corner of the window.
It is a program that was made to be able to turn over the window in the keyboard by using the arrow keys as well as a mouse.

The operation can be performed by using a drag operation from the lower-right corner of the window.

Windows showing overlapped window
Turn Over and Cover Window

WindowCurl Features:
Overlap windows
Drag and cover overlap windows
Drag and cover to specific place
Current Windows
Import QuickBooks Data
Create and Open Form(File)
Export QuickBooks Data
Print Data
Import File

ScreenShot ScreenShot – Home
ScreenShot ScreenShot – Overlapped windows
Monitor Overlapped screen shot
ScreenShot ScreenShot – Drag and cover
Monitor Overlapped screen shot
ScreenShot ScreenShot – Drag and cover to specific place

Version History
Version 1.0: 02/12/2010
Version 1.1: 03/13/2010
Version 1.2: 08/12/2010
Version 1.3: 10/06/2011
Version 1.4: 01/16/2012
Version 1.5: 01/12/2015

(C)Copyright 2016, by the windowcurl developer.

(C)Copyright 2016, by the windowcurl developer.

It is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3, but that version is no longer valid.


Developed by:
Windowscurl Inc.


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It is an add-on tool that is used to turn over the window by dragging the corner of the window to turn over the book and the note.

If you have problems while using Windows 10 is running, please update your Power Management settings to Never.

The button to the link of the book and it does not work while in the process of saving the notebook.

Initial release

Copyright ©2013

Latest Update

For windows 10 is not available

Required Software
Power Management:
To reduce the power consumption of the computer, you can adjust the time of power management to Never.

Version History
Initial Release
Union Free School Corporation

The Union Free School Corporation (UFSC) is a school district in Tennessee. The UFSC serves about 42,000 students and 23,000 households in Knox County, Anderson County, Williamson County, and Hamblen County, Tennessee.


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– When you use windowCurl, you can drag the bottom or right corner of the window and cause it to curl up or down.
– You can select the coordinate to copy, such as the coordinates of the screen or the coordinates of the mouse.
– Windows are not important, such as for all the Windows, there are various coordinate sets.
– The window can drag the entire window.
– The window can drag each other windows or the whole screen.
– Both methods of dragging the window can be used.
– When you drag the window, you can drag to the corner of the window, and there is a button to copy the coordinates to the clipboard.
– When you drag the entire window, you can copy the entire screen.
– This software has a simple and easy interface, so that you can copy and paste the coordinates into other programs.
– It can adjust the amount of movement.
– You can drag your finger into the corner of the window to overlay the window.
– You can control the amount of overlapping.
– You can adjust the interface.
– This software can provide a beautiful effect when you move the window with a long distance.
– You can drag the window and turn it over in less time.
– You can download the application windowsCurl

Get the windowCurldown:

13.09.2010 : WINDOWCURL1.1

On the right corner of the window is there a default button that covers almost the whole window.
Clicking this button will quickly close the window that is opened while the mouse is clicked in the window that is opened.
This button is not made to close the whole program, because it is hard to close the program.

You need to use the lower right corner of the window you want to close.
Then click the lower right corner of the window, the mouse is moved right click and the other corner of the window is closed.

It is not a button that has been used specifically, this is a legacy button, is like this, the OS cannot recognize to process it.
Use when the program opens and closes the window or when you place other buttons with the mouse.
You can be used only when the window it is clicked.
For example, where the window of the first button is created.
When the window opens a second button, the mouse cursor is placed at the

What’s New in the?

1)It can turn over the window when the mouse cursor is over the corner of the window,and it works well in the windows system of the Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,and also works on the Windows NT system.
2)In the Windows system,it is necessary to modify the corner of the window to put it on the optimal position for curling.
3)In the Windows system,the dragging action cannot be executed,but it works to control the curling of the window by mouse dragging on the window with the WmDwmNcursor function.
4)In the Windows NT system,the dragging of the mouse can be executed,and it also works to drag the corner of the window by mouse dragging,but it is not right to control the curling of the window by dragging the mouse,and the dragging is the wrong move position.
5)The copied files from Windows system to Windows NT can make the system of Windows NT is inconsistent with the system of Windows 7 or Windows 8,so we provide the updated function of SystemChecking to solve the inconsistency.
6)The imported files from Windows system to Windows NT can make the system of Windows NT is not consistent with the system of Windows 7 or Windows 8,so we provide the updated function of SystemChecking to solve the inconsistency.
WindowCurl will be a small program,it is easy to use,it just needs some time to learn,so I only can do the work of WindowCurl by my own.
WinStudio made this video to introduce the functions of WindowCurl;WindowCurl also has other function descriptions,related information,are welcome to contact me.

Liujuan (Liu Jun)

Liujuan (Liu Jun) is a software engineer with a major in computer science at Beijing University of Technology. Her research interests include network security, digital forensics, multimedia systems and cloud computing.


China is one of the world’s most populated countries, and the most populous country in the world. In recent times, it has become a middle power, with regional diplomatic, trade, economic, scientific, cultural and military clout. China is a member of the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, the Forum of East Asia–Latin America Cooperation, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the BRICS, the G20 major economies, the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road initiative, the Union for International Studies and Solutions, and the BRICS

System Requirements For WindowCurl:

– Windows 7/8/10
– 512MB RAM
– 512MB VRAM
– 16GB Hard Drive
– Pentium Dual Core or more
– Intel Core 2 Duo or more
– NVIDIA GTX 1060 or more
– 1680×1050 display
– 2GB VRAM, ROPs and shader processors supported
– Support for 24bit display
– 2nd/3rd party gamepad support
– Windows 10