vFoglight Pro is an advanced and reliable network solution designed to provide essential alerts and data to enable administrators to detect, diagnose and resolve critical issues within the virtual infrastructure.
With vFoglight Pro, administrators can leverage an intuitive user interface, centralizing performance and availability information. Included are out-of-the box alerts and expert advice to help administrators reduce MTTR. In addition, vFoglight QuickView answers typical administration questions, at a glance and through reports







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#The vFoglight Industry Standard
vFoglight has emerged as the premier network performance and availability solution for virtual servers. We specialize in solving the daily problems of hypervisor administrators. Providing an intuitive web interface and an easy to use SNMP plugin, we offer real-time visibility into bandwidth, VM move, VM defrag, CPU and memory utilization. Our highly skilled technical support team is always on hand to answer your questions. vFoglight Pro Verdict:
#The VMWare Solution
Since the popularity of virtual servers exploded, we have taken it upon ourselves to solve the growing problems of virtual infrastructure performance and availability. It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to address one issue at a time and make quick fixes. After all, it’s much easier to install a second NIC than it is to solve a memory problem. The vFoglight Pro platform is built to take you from day to day administration to long term planning and future troubleshooting. We are proud of our solutions and they are easy to use and quite powerful. The typical VMware administrator should look into the vFoglight Pro solution. vFoglight Pro Comments:
#The Interface
The vFoglight Pro user interface brings the power and features of the vFoglight platform to an easy to use web based interface. With vFoglight Pro, VMWare administrators can manage their entire environment from the comfort of their browser and work from anywhere. Control your VMWare infrastructure from one central web based console. vFoglight Pro Troubleshooting:
Unlike other tools that just show you what is happening to your server, vFoglight Pro gives you insight into what is happening. With vFoglight Pro, we have incorporated that power and ease of use to create our one of a kind reporting system. Simply bring up the vFoglight Pro console from anywhere on the web and you will be presented with a list of all your inventory and monitored VMs. This gives you an instant snapshot of your entire infrastructure. vFoglight Pro FAQs:
#Does vFoglight Pro run on VMware Server?
We recommend using the free version of VMware Server. vFoglight Pro will work with ESX but it is not recommended. vFoglight Pro is designed to work with and require no modifications to VMware ESX. While the vFoglight Pro WebConsole is fully capable of supporting the vSphere 5.5 Web Client,

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✓Provide enterprise-wide visibility and access to VM performance
✓Network health and health monitoring
✓Monitor network performance across the datacenter
✓Support both physical and virtual datacenter monitoring
✓Administration assistance
✓New Tools and Solutions
* There are 5 different modules of vFoglightPro, and each is based on a different technology. These are the primary modules of the technology.
✓For Physical and Virtual VM, Foglight Pro can manage a single datacenter or multiple datacenters across the organization. It will help to monitor and alert the users about the slow performance of the infrastructure. It can also be used for creating Cisco ASA policy. With vFoglight Pro, you can not only monitor and analyze that link between the systems but also detect missing or wrong network configuration.
✓For Physical and Virtual Environment, Foglight Pro can monitor and monitor the physical LAN environment and help you to save power and bandwidth by stopping data traffic (drops, hiccups, etc.). It helps to monitor and analyze that link between the systems and provides a custom SNMP output.
✓For Virtual Environment, Foglight Pro will analyse the virtual link between the hosts in the datacenter and help you to get some insights into the management of the virtual infrastructure. It helps to check for the data security, application availability, etc.
✓For Performance Monitoring, vFoglight Pro helps to provide a monitoring and alert solution for different types of problems on the network. It can also help to troubleshoot the problems related to the network.
✓For Network Health Monitor, vFoglight Pro helps to help to monitoring the DHCP server performance in the network. The user will find that the DHCP server is not responding correctly. In the case of the remote DHCP server that is not responding, the administrators can send an alert to the users.
✓For Network Health Monitoring, vFoglight Pro helps to help you to monitor the network state of the datacenter. In the case of any issues in the network, the users will get a prompt. It will help to troubleshoot the problem and diagnose it.
✓For Network Health Monitoring, vFoglight Pro will help to identify the slow network bandwidth and delay network performance.
✓For Network Health Monitoring, vFoglight Pro helps to monitor the network performance across the datacenter.

VirtualBox is an open source x86 and Power

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Foglight is a software system that automatically collects data from your VMware, Hyper-V or Virtualbox environment, without disrupting your existing IT infrastructure.
With vFoglight Pro, you’ll get the tools to find the performance bottlenecks in your VMware environment and make informed decisions about which vSphere virtual servers need to be rebooted. vFoglight Pro allows you to view the status of each virtual server in your infrastructure as it happens, over time. You can see how much CPU and Memory is being used, the state of performance counters and other usage information to help you plan for capacity planning and other operations.
Key Features:
– Fully automated: vFoglight Pro is a fully automated solution with no need for additional management;
– Full control: You can always choose which vCenter Server you want to monitor, whether that’s an online or an offline vCenter;
– No management required: no additional configuration of vCenter Server;
– No use of VMware vCenter Servers for vFoglight implementation;
– No implementation skills required;
– No impact on performance or functionality: vFoglight does not impact the services and functions performed by your infrastructure;
– Only one place to see metrics: vFoglight Pro allows you to easily view metrics from the vCenter Server, on-premises or in the cloud;
– Give everything you need to know: View at a glance the performance, availability and capacity of your environment;
– Real-time alerts: Get immediate information when anything changes in your environment, no matter the state;
– Monitoring: Identify resource leakages, idle and slow vSphere virtual machines, and more;
– View vCenter Servers, ESXi hosts and hosts with Virtual Machines;
– Summary reports: View summary information for all Virtual Machines in your infrastructure.
– Custom alerts: Enable custom actions, and get a full report when custom events occur.
– Administration: Manage alarms and custom actions, review the performance of Virtual Machines, and run reports.
– Manage and keep track of your vSphere inventory: For better inventory management you can easily view and track virtual machines across different clusters.
Included vSphere virtual servers to be monitored:
– ESXi 5.5 Enterprise – Host
– ESXi 5.5 Personal – Host
– ESXi 4.1 Personal – Host
– ESXi 4.1 Enterprise – Host
We provide a 2 year free trial

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System Requirements:

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Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound Card
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