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GM’s New Town No. 2: Sunnyvale

GM’s New Town No. 2: Sunnyvale

It’s the kind of new town you start hearing about the day after you move to California: This is the town that GM is building to take advantage of the opportunities coming from consolidation. It’s called Sunnyvale, a suburb about 40 miles north of the company’s giant Santa Clara headquarters, and it has a slogan: “The Place Your Dreams Take Root.”

It’s a pretty big project. After all, one of the things that drove GM to shutter GMR, a joint venture with Washington Post-owned Kaplan University, was the need to shift its approach to college instruction. GMR was an ambitious plan to run online courses through Kaplan University, a plan that never quite worked out.

Now GM is planning to build its own physical campus: A planned, massive site with a dormitory, student housing, retail and lots of space for research and corporate partnerships. It will be called the Center of Innovation. It will be built on 9.7 acres that the company already owns in Sunnyvale. For now, it’s under construction.

GM is hoping that Sunnyvale will be the first in a long line of sites that, after it’s completed, will help the company reinvent itself and prove to investors that the company is on a path to profitability. There will be other places like this.

Watch this space: GM is already building its next chapter. This year, it will build a 758,000-square-foot Research and Innovation Center on a 3,500-acre site in Silicone Valley, a Silicon Valley suburb. It’s expected to open in the first quarter of 2016.

Like Sunnyvale, it’s creating what it’s calling the Center of Innovation. It’s got three research labs to support technology development. It has a campus for a new advanced composites center, where the company will look for ways to help the company’s money-losing Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid

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