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sunstone v5 00 0 1 whqled.b1

I’ve been using that one for years. Let me know what you think.


From a more general point of view, it’s even better to use a generator than to “mass” import a bunch of images, because a generator creates thumbnails in the application’s code:

This is good not only for the context you mentionned but it also means:

it’s scalable: you can dynamically add people, albums, tags, etc.
it’s consistent: you don’t have to check if a particular album has changed before resaving it, you just have to update the user.

You can also put all this in a database if you want, and you would use a generator in your code to automatically create a number of thumbnails (different sizes for different contexts).
However, if the number of pictures is really high it could be more efficient to import them all at once using the thumbnails cache table (if you don’t want it to be refreshed on every upload) or re-generate them with php each time the user uploads a new image.
You can also search for metadata if you want to, and create a single picture.
On a sidenote, you can also upload images at once using methods such as amazon S3, where you can store up to 15 gigabytes of data for the same price.

, he has time to stand on his head.

After a handful of members left the show in later seasons, Crazy finally took the spotlight away from competitors Alex and Sheree and became the official spokesperson for the house. He became a mainstay on the house, along with the rest of the housemates, in the


Category:Science and technology in Hungary
Category:Mobile software distribution platforms
FileWriter fileW;
fileW = new FileWriter(file);
catch(Exception ex){
throw new RuntimeException(“file cannot be created”, ex);

return fileW;

* write the file’s content to file path.
* @param path
public static void writeFile(String path){
FileWriter fileW;
fileW = new FileWriter(path);
catch(Exception ex){
throw new RuntimeException(“file cannot be created”, ex);

“public class “+getClass().getName()+”{“+
“public static void main(String [] args){“+
“String[] input;String[] output;String[] number;InputStreamReader inputR=null;OutputStreamWriter outputW=null;NumberFormat nf;OutputStream os=null;PrintWriter pw=null;int j;System.out.print(“a test”);pw=new PrintWriter(os);nf=NumberFormat.getInstance();pw.println(nf.format(123.45)+”,”+nf.format(123.7)+”,”+nf.format(123.23232323232323));os.flush();”+
“try{input=new String[]{“+getInput(2)+”,”+getInput(3)+”,”+getInput(4)+”,”+getInput(5)+”,”-1.0″,”2.0″};output=new String[]{“+getOutput(2)+”,”+getOutput(3)+”,”+getOutput(4)+”,”+getOutput(5)+”};number=new String[]{“+getInput(1)+”,”+getInput(2)+”,”+getInput(3)+”,”+getInput(4)+”,”+getInput(5)+”};”+



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