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Smoking Accessories - Wholsalers and Retailers.

Smoking Accessories businesses in a storefront location with a merchant account usually operate without any problems from their payment processor. However, merchants that are trying to establish an online e-commerce store will need the ability to accept CNP (card not present) transactions. Not all payment processors can offer these services, including processors that accept retail brick-and-mortar tobacco merchants.

Smoke shops are not the only type of smoking industry that requires specialized credit card processing services. Merchants operating smoke shops, selling glass pipes, hookahs and other types of paraphernalia will also need a specialized account. Merchants that are operating an online smoke shop need to be set up with a merchant account designed for their industry.

We Specialize In Online And Retail Smoking Accessories

As the trends of smoking continue to change, the types of smoking products and accessories sold in smoke shops needs to evolve and follow the demand of their customers. What was once simply papers and pipes has become hookahs, e-juices, and electronic cigarettes. Partnering with a merchant service company in the tobacco industry will help businesses weather any disruptions or regulations that would otherwise hinder their accounts.

Hard to find payment solutions for smoke shops!!

Strong relationships with our banks’ underwriters make us problem solvers in the industry.

With RS Merchant Services International:

  • Merchant types approved that others won’t touch
  • Card Not Present/Online Smoke shops, Bongs,Glass
  • Online CBD
  • Online Hemp
  • Vaping Products
  • Also specializing in low, medium, and high risk merchants
  • 30 years experience in credit card processing and bank relationships

The usual inconveniences merchants run across are:

  • Applications being declined with no communication rectifying the issue(Our Underwriters communicate what modifications are needed to get your account
  • Money being held up too long by Risk Department, with no explanation (We work with them to release those funds swiftly)
  • Accounts being terminated without warning (Through our relationships, you are given the chance to make adjustments to avoid this)