Shutdown Counter is a tiny and portable piece of software that can automatically trigger a power option for the computer or pop up an alert box according to a user-defined countdown timer. It includes only basic options that can be easily configured.
Portability perks
As there is no installation involved, you can save the executable file to any part of the hard disk and just clik it to run. Otherwise, you can copy Shutdown Counter to a USB flash disk or similar removable device, to be able to run it on any PC effortlessly and without prior installers.
Worth keeping in mind is that the tool does not add new entries to the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving no traces behind after removal.
Simple-to-use interface
As far as the UI is concerned, the main window is small and has a simple structure. It is possible to select the power option between shutdown, restart, log off and alert box. All you have to do is specify the countdown timer (in hours, minutes and seconds) and click a button to initialize it.
Evaluation and conclusion
The tool is undemanding when it comes to CPU and RAM, so it does not affect the PC's overall performance. No error dialogs were shown in our testing, and the app did not hang or crash. When it comes down to it, Shutdown Counter offers a simple solution to automatically powering off the PC based on a countdown timer.


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This post has illustrated several issues that can arise when developing iOS applications and provided solutions.
Programming and IT Security by
The best way to manage networks is to have a network infrastructure. This allows you to setup physical

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Shutdown Counter is a small and portable tool that can automatically shutdown your PC according to a defined countdown timer. You can use the app to shut down, log off and reboot the computer depending on how much time you set. The app includes basic options that you can configure via the settings window. The tool doesn’t need to be installed in order to work, so it can be used in any PC with no significant impact on performance.
Shutdown Counter is a small and portable tool that you can save to a USB flash disk, run it on any PC effortlessly and leave no traces behind after removal.
Simple UI
Shutdown Counter lets you select the power option depending on the countdown timer you define in the settings window.
What can Shutdown Counter do?
You can use Shutdown Counter to shut down, log off and reboot your computer according to a user-defined countdown timer.
Here is a list of options the app can perform:

Shutdown or log off after a certain period (hours, minutes and seconds)
Reboot the computer after a specified delay (days, hours, minutes and seconds)
Turn off the display of your computer
Open a system alert box

Advanced System Settings
You can also access and modify some advanced system settings via the app’s settings window (tools > options) to specify the following options:

Show advanced settings box
Switch the configuration to always show the advanced settings box
Configure the countdown timer: every hour, every day or every week

Advanced Settings
The Advanced Settings tab consists of the following settings:

Show Advanced Settings
Show advanced settings box
Show timer in reminders in context menu
Settings in “Ok” dialog
Close box
Show system info in context menu
Configure time format

Show advanced settings box
Show advanced settings box is enabled by default. It will allow you to open the advanced settings tab to configure the countdown timer or the advanced settings.
Configure the countdown timer
You can specify how often the timer should run automatically (in hours, minutes and seconds).
Configure advanced settings
Advanced Settings allows you to configure the default power option for the countdown timer (log off or shutdown) and the default time format (day, month, year, hour, minute, seconds or seconds, minute, hour, day, month or week).

Detailed information on the tool you are about to download (Shutdown Counter by Geekzone)

System Requirements

Windows 7 or Windows 8

Shutdown Counter Crack Download

No larger than 1MB in size, the tool ensures that your PC is always ready to use with no delay. No additional software is required for setup and you can start using it immediately.
Save as many files on multiple drives while leaving no trace behind.
Shutdown Counter is a small and portable solution with a simple interface that can be used to start a computer when you want without any unnecessary delays and cost. The app can be used to automatically power off the PC with an alert box, or turn off, restart or log off the PC.
You can save as many files on multiple drives while leaving no trace behind, and it doesn’t require an installation or activation period.
Shutdown Counter is an easy-to-use utility that will help you get through all kinds of tasks with no extra hassle.
It’s an easy-to-use and portable solution that can easily be moved or copied to other PCs.
The Windows Shutdown option can be changed according to your preferences.
The script is not able to start its countdown timer automatically as it runs as a service and cannot interact with other applications. However, it can be used to start a PC when you want without unnecessary delay.

As far as a “Shutdown Counter” is concerned, the term shutdown comes to mind, but with a different meaning. This is a script that can be used to trigger the Windows shutdown option on timer. It requires no installation and there are no extra costs involved.

Alternatively, you can use the software to automatically turn off the PC on timer. This is a feature that might be useful to save electricity as well as many other things. Another possibility is that it can be used to generate an alert to the user, with its own options.

In terms of options, Shutdown Counter is a simple utility that can be started from anywhere and that can be useful for thousands of purposes. The only drawback is that it is unable to start its countdown timer automatically, but you will have plenty of other options to choose from.

Well, it is a very simple software but what if you are a perfectionist and want your computer to start in the exact time? From its name, you can imagine that this is a perfect solution for you. This is a software that you can use to automatically shutdown the computer at a specific time. Its interface is simple and with several options available, you can easily set the countdown timer according to your needs.

This is a great app for professionals, who are always complaining about

What’s New in the?

Developer: Gilles Simon
Operating System: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10


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System Requirements For Shutdown Counter:


OS: Windows® XP SP2 or Vista™
CPU: 2.8 GHz
Hard Disk: 300 MB
VGA: 256 MB
DirectX® 9.0c

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