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I have searched enough on the Internet and got a related Post at the end of which the user wrote :

I think you forgot to copy and paste whole thing in the answer area, therefore when you have typed the second time you have in the same answer area overwritten the first one.

But I have added that same code and it was instantly overwritten by the code in the comments.
What I did was trying to solve this problem but I need help.
I have run a complete tutorial which consisted of many codes but after that my new account on AppHarbor was completely deactivated. I have created a new question on AppHarbor and the guy who answered the question said that is what I have done earlier.


[Disclaimer] This is not a general fix to account deletions, and I have not seen the “primary answer” link for your “question” on AppHarbor. [Back]
You need to post an entire answer. If you are modifying an existing answer, ensure that you’ve referenced the existing answer so that the community can view the history of the answer and can see that you are being helpful.

I have copied and pasted the code into the answer box again. This time I have referenced it.


Accessing JSON nested data from SharePoint online using JSONP

I am new to javascript, so I am asking for a little bit of help.
I have been trying to access a JSON nested in an HTML file from sharepoint online and all of the solutions I have tried don’t work.
I have used the sample code here to try to access the HTML and JSON data using javascript, but nothing seems to be working.
The main issue that I have is that I am not sure how to get to the JSON inside of the HTML file.

Untitled Document

var returnedData = {
“d”: [{
“id”: “1”,
“name”: “blah”
}, {


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