Working with multiple files and especially multiple versions of the same file can be a challenging demeanor, especially in terms of binary differences and their detection. Manually recording the differences between two versions of the same file is not sustainable and to help cope with such issues, SecureDELTA will provide the necessary means. Thanks to a specialized package, it will allow users to easily create binary difference files and, if required even patches that can be used later on in distributions for handling versioning.
A straightforward tabbed interface that offers intuitive handling and logical sequence
Right off the bat, all the available features are offered into a tab array, which not only makes things easier but also provides a logical, step-by-step workflow. Furthermore, inputting the files and defining the source, target and versions are also quite simple.
There are several options available for the actual file processing and we appreciated the fact that users can prioritize their tasks thanks to a dedicated CPU feature. Both graphical and alpha-numerical process statuses are offered, thus providing a clear view of what’s going on.
Create patches for updating your files and customize their installer to suit your specific requirements
One of the highlights of this app is by far, the ability to create customized patches for distribution and version updating. Basically, users will be able to create their own installer for deploying an update for a particular file.
The best part about that is the fact that they get to customize it in terms of product details, copyright, installer behavior, as well as design and colors. All that from within a single tab, without any coding knowledge or special configuration steps.
Solid software solution for managing versioning and file updating through patches
This program could be a great choice for those who struggle with file versioning and who need a fast and efficient tool for creating binary difference files or patches for updating the said files. With a friendly approach, the program doesn’t require any programming skills and it delivers good performance.









SecureDELTA Free Edition Activation Key Free

SecureDELTA Free Edition is a software tool designed for quickly generating and applying Binary Difference Files (.bdiff) to perform the process of file updating.
The Free Edition has a simple,…Read more


Easy handling of modifications, and creating and applying patches

Virus and Malware Scan


Needs more support from the developers

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SecureDELTA Free Edition

SecureDELTA Free Edition is a software tool designed for quickly generating and applying Binary Difference Files (.bdiff) to perform the process of file updating.

The Free Edition has a simple, intuitive and straightforward tabbed interface that offers intuitive handling and logical sequence. Making it quite a friendly tool for beginners and experts alike, who are looking to get a jump on the process of binary difference generation and patch application.

The application can easily be operated through a convenient and user-friendly Windows interface. However, it would be a great choice for those that are not so confident on handling Windows operation. What’s more, the developers provided a two-column language to make things a lot easier and to ensure ease of operation even for those that are less proficient in Windows.

SecureDELTA Free Edition Features:

Quickly generating and applying binary difference (.bdiff) files to perform the process of file updating

Graphical and alpha-numerical process statuses

Possibility to prioritize the operation and to set whether other tasks should have priority over the current one.

Excellent opportunity to customize the creation and installation of a patch, a process that can be repeated for multiple files and in an unlimited number of times

Ability to create and apply system and system-wide patches

Creating and applying installer options for distribution or specific version updating

Right out of the box, SecureDELTA Free Edition comes with a lot of options that are not commonly found in other software packages. Any essential feature that can be expected, is available in the program.

What’s more, the developers included some additional enhancements, such as using batch files for customizing the software and creating patches. However, it may not be enough to address all the needs of users.

SecureDELTA Free Edition Challenges:

Needs more support from the developers

Some users report that when opening the software from the Windows registry, some ads may appear in the middle of the main screen.

We should

SecureDELTA Free Edition For Windows

Program Description: SecureDELTA Free Edition Free software for binary differen…

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SecureDELTA Free Edition Crack Download

SecureDELTA Free Edition is a totally free app that is a tool for managing binary differences. This free app uses the full power of SecureDELTA and this app is not limited to any specific circumstances. The app works a bit differently than other apps that will probably be way more convenient for you.
Whenever you decide to use SecureDELTA Free Edition, you are going to be given a system image and a target version. The system image is the one you are going to compare with the target version. By creating a backup and restoring that image to the target version, you can obtain the security that is required for the target version. You can compare multiple images with the target version. It’s simple and straightforward to use this free app. SecureDELTA Free Edition is a bit different than other apps that are more complex.
How to open SecureDELTA:
Step 1. Select the File with the Target Version.
Step 2. Select the File with the System Image.
SecureDELTA Free Edition, included with Build No. 2952.344.3

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What’s New In?

SecureDELTA is an easy to use tool to record the differences between binary files. Before saving your changes you can define the original and changed versions, your choices for the files and folders that will be recorded. You can easily test the created file later on. SecureDELTA Free Edition is a nice solution for multiple folders.

Why does it update when i reinstall it, and it offers updates within the program, and it also doesn’t update when downloading updates to programs. And arent updates for software installed by the software center

What’s new in this version:
Some small changes and bugfixes, thanks!

SecureDELTA 3.8.0

A good version for measuring binary differences

Why does it update when i reinstall it, and it offers updates within the program, and it also doesn’t update when downloading updates to programs. And arent updates for software installed by the software center

What’s new in this version:
Some small changes and bugfixes, thanks!

Reviews for SecureDELTA Free Edition

Reviews for SecureDELTA


By SarahP

It works

November 20, 2017



By eavr

can’t see the version progress in the progress bar

November 18, 2017

Anka have to fix this problem asap


By Michał Hejna


November 8, 2017

Sorry I have a problem with the program. Install correctly and no problem, but then seems that the program can work not in Windows 10 Pro and some other programs can not work also. Could you fix this problem soon?

Looks good. Very user friendly. I just don’t understand the need for a high functioning and well written program to simply take a snapshot of the actual folder that we are working on, just to find later all the differences between it. This is frustrating.

October 12, 2017

SecureDELTA Free Edition


By Simplesoftware

Anka you should find a better way to organize the software

Could work better with it

September 24, 2017

Easy to use


By Otis Jones

I liked the software when it was no longer free

September 13, 2017

Simple and handy software.


System Requirements For SecureDELTA Free Edition:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i5, Intel® Core™ i7, AMD
Processor: AMD Opteron
Memory: 4GB
Video card: 2GB or greater
Hard Drive: 10GB+
Graphics card: 512 MB or greater
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: Microsoft DirectX compatible
Hard Drive Space: Approximately 700