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If your desktop is affected by flickering, it is time to go to a darker screen. With ScreenOverlay you can create a solid background overlay and protect yourself from the negative effects of the flicker.
ScreenOverlay is an application that overlays a solid color on your desktop and enables you to reduce the effects of flickering. It has an intuitive GUI that allows you to pick a color and opacity by simply choosing from a vast selection of shades and adjusting those two values.
In addition, you can choose to use the overlay for any application or just during multimedia playback. This way, your screen will be tinted with the desired color while your favorite video will keep running.
Additionally, with ScreenOverlay you can access your desktop keyboard and even use the mouse to select the shade you prefer.
ScreenOverlay Features:
✔ Quick and easy to use
✔ Overlays a solid color
✔ Applies the color to any program
✔ Automatically saves and loads your settings
✔ Supports both Mac and Windows operating systems
✔ Works with any program and in any screen resolution
✔ No flash of a screen saver
✔ 100% free
✔ Preserve the overlay effect when taking screenshots
✔ RGB color chart
✔ Uses the overlay effect during multimedia playback
✔ Adjust the opacity level of the overlay effect
✔ Option to use RGB or hex values
✔ Gives the possibility to use any color shade
✔ Option to change the opacity level of the overlay effect
✔ Uses transparency/ opacity values to hide unwanted software on your screen
✔ Provides a built in RGB color wheel
✔ Visible in the system tray icon
✔ No installation needed
✔ Uses only non-destructive effects
✔ Can be used with any screen resolution
✔ Built-in help
✔ Works with any color
✔ Mac and Windows compatible

For people who work with computers on a daily basis, there is nothing worse than experiencing a bad computer experience. In fact, this could be enough to make a person develop cognitive issues.
We know that, when we use computers, our eyes need to spend a lot of time focusing on the monitor. Therefore, it can be dangerous for our eyes to constantly work under such an extended period of time.
In the following article, we will provide you with a list of practical tips that will help you to keep your eyes safe from unnecessary damage.

ScreenOverlay Download

-Easy to use
-Prevent any high brightness levels
-Customize the color you prefer
-Select the opacity percentage
-Easy to use
-Helpful for those with epilepsy
-No adware, no spyware
-Option to hide the overlay
-Installs as a desktop and portable application
-ScreenOverlay Review
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ScreenOverlay [Mac/Win]

Use the awesome ScreenOverlay utility and enjoy secure dark mode for your PC in a snap.
Try ScreenOverlay today and you will quickly see why it is rated among the best screen overlay software.

User Review

“ a must have software”

Great app; easy to use and easy to install. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t select as many colouers as you could with other software but that’s a minor flaw to me. The user interface and help are way better and easier to understand than the other software. The 1 megabytes download is a pretty good price to pay when you need it.

About This Software

Runs On

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows 10 Mobile


ScreenOverlay is a software utility that overlays a certain color on your desktop screen, so you can protect your eyes against too bright or flashing lights. The application displays a color shade on your screen and reduces the amount of brightness being shown in the same manner.

The Highlight

Protects your eyes from too high levels of brightness and flashing lights

Allows you to specify any color shade you want

Performs the overlay effects in the same manner on screenshots

The Drawbacks

You can’t easily select different shades and the app can’t be used to automatically change the opacity level of the overlay effect[TV: FC Dallas vs. LA Galaxy – November 12, 2011]

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What’s New in the?

ScreenOverlay is an application that enables you to apply a solid color overlay on top of your screen image and reduce the undesired effects caused by high levels of brightness and flashing lights. You can choose any color you want by using your mouse to pick a shade from the available spectrum, or by directly adding the RGB values into the provided fields. The hue, saturation and luminosity can also be controlled to obtain the desired color.
After you successfully finish adjusting the preferred shade and apply the changes, your screen is tinted with the chosen color. If you find it too hard to distinguish text or any other type of content on your desktop, ScreenOverlay enables you to control the opacity level and adjust the amount of color used for the overlay effect.
Maintain the overlay in any application and during multimedia playback
One of the main advantages of the application is its ability to maintain the color overlay on top of any application and even during video content playback. That way, even if your program has to be run in fullscreen mode, such is the case for video games or movies, you can still keep yourself protected from unsafe levels of brightness.
The fact that the effect is preserved in the screenshots as well can be a bit of a disadvantage, since you may not want to use them with the activated overlay on your personal website, or send them to your friends. But you can easily change the opacity level to get around this small problem, or switch to a less visible color shade.
ScreenOverlay weighs in at a not-too-large 51,3 MB and can be used by Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
The software developer invites you to read the settings and settings changes and purchase the options you like, they can be found below.
Feature List:
– Easy to use: Includes a simple wizard to help you set up the program.
– No problems with multiple programs: Provides the ability to maintain the color overlay on any other running application.
– Can be used with any application: With the help of the provided options, it is possible to customize the color overlay to your taste.
– Can be used without any additional screensaver: The application automatically loads while it is open and shuts down when the computer is shut down.
– Works without any external program: It can load on any computer equipped with a screen and the ability to speak to a microphone.
– Prevent high brightness levels: With the use of ScreenOverlay, high brightness levels will not be able to

System Requirements For ScreenOverlay:

(Minimum specs to run the game)
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and up
Intel Pentium III 1.0GHz or faster
512 MB RAM
Hard Disk:
4 GB HD space
Video Card:
Microsoft DirectX 11 compliant
Sound Card:
Direct X 11 compliant
Input Devices:
Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick
(To enjoy better graphics in the game you may need to have a graphics card and monitor that