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Submit your own original games or games you’ve been inspired by, and play them by the millions with our users.

Roblox’s platform has three game “skins” that cover the interface: Teen, kid, and toddler. This video covers the family interface across them.

Roblox is designed for family use, and is appropriate for children and others. Despite this, we have not only had cases of children being harmed by playing it. We have a strict policy prohibiting games that allow stalking of other people, adult-oriented language, and other inappropriate content. We also restrict advertising, privacy invasion, and other creepy practices that creep us out.

Parental Control Guidelines:

Roblox is developed by Roblox Corporation which operates under the Safe Software and Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) principles. This platform is intended for family use and children. This system offers an age-appropriate experience for children and younger audience members and contains age-appropriate content.

We do not allow children to upload games because we want to make sure they can only play games that are appropriate for their age.

It is up to parents to recognize that not all games are age-appropriate. Despite this, we cannot prevent access to sites that contain games children can play. This is the dark side of the internet that harms children. We are striving to do more and more to protect kids, and we are partnering with other programs to try to do so.

The content on our site is age-appropriate for children and teen audience members.

Games and other content for children are not allowed on Roblox.

Amongst the games we have available in our catalog is a game called “Flaming Dune.”

We believe this game to be inappropriate for children because it does include adult-oriented themes in gameplay. We have taken steps to address the concerns raised in this thread.

We welcome feedback on our moderation efforts, and will consider taking additional steps to improve our moderation policies, for example, by providing more creative ways for parents to control their children.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out if you want to share your feelings on moderation here. We are trying to make Roblox better.

Roblox is a video game where players build their own games


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Make sure to check the list of cheats for the latest release and the latest release may allow new cheats that don’t work on the previous one.

Server-side Limits

Roblox’s group creation limits are a bit interesting. Roblox believes in making content possible for everyone to create and join. It sets some rules for players to remove the barrier to create, but it’s not the only thing in that regard. Roblox applied Game Moderation on the server side to kill off accounts that are created artificially, and also all accounts that are trying to create…

Minecraft Cheats

You know, I’m pretty comfortable with Minecraft because Minecraft is difficult to fuck up. The controls are just super easy, the game is intuitive and the game’s been out for so long. Even though there are cheats around, I don’t have much of a problem since everything works fine. All the modders have made a mess of stuff. Cakes not working. Realistic shading mod not working. Inventory changes not working. Almost every single thing.

And I don’t make real cheat codes. I don’t get a bonus for using cheats, I’m not buying real game to play or anything. I’m just having a fun time. Nothing should really change for me, especially since this is Minecraft and I’m using the in-game console.

Fire and forget

Some cheats are supposed to remove the necessity to save and reload your world. I had experienced this not all that long ago, I loaded a few maps and everything was fine. I moved on, only to discover that I was bugged out by a whole bunch of clay and plants that just destroyed half of my map. I had to reload from scratch.

That’s how I discover that some cheats are just fire and forget. Once you enter the cheat, you get the desired result, but that result is never saving so that the results actually stay, and you are forced to reload the world.


In most cases, I’d follow these instructions.

In order to get to your username, type /regserver_username.

To start creating zombies and climb on top of buildings, type /zombie.

To list all cheats, type /lcheat.

To list commands that


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Need Help?

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Why should you trust us?

Roblox is a creative platform where anyone can

Play Roblox games and create their own.

We work hard to ensure a fun, secure and fair Roblox experience for our players.

Game Roblox Online has been designed to encourage players to form social gaming groups to support their friends play and fight against monsters.

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Anyone knows what and why did the developers make so much money from this loooong time and continuous released. I don’t see why people stay playing when they can get all the Robux for free.

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@juv_lee, you are correct. In Roblox, you don’t receive items for free. You earn them and have to be 100% authentic to receive them. So you can get robux either by making friends or get them by spending them.

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All I know, is that you guys are playing games with robots. It’s dirty. You guys should be ashamed of yourself, because you are playing their game and you should be paying them.

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? What is Roblox? ?

Roblox is a sandbox platform game. It’s one of the best games to play with your friends. It’s a free game where you can create your own content. You can play it online or on a tablet and mobile devices.

It’s a popular game for kids between the ages of 10 to 20. It’s similar to Minecraft.

Get Robux Free

Imagine you’re having a big battle, and you’re in the middle of it. Meanwhile, you’re having lunch, but just the food’s getting bigger and bigger.

Nothing is stopping you from eating, so you’re still hungry. You know that once you stop eating, your lunch gets smaller and smaller.

So you can’t stop eating and risking losing your lunch. This happens in real life, too.

Robux is a currency that’s used in Roblox to buy more things. You can buy game content, clothing, or whatever else you want to.

In this same game, you can use mods. Mods are also game content, and the developer grants the right to use them in the game. So, it can be hacked and different things can be done in the game.

This in the core game won’t be modified. You won’t find a way to become invincible in the game, but if you like to create content, you’re in for a treat. You can tweak your content to make it even better.

Why is Robux Hacked?

Everyone knows Roblox has real money, but what about hacks?

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