Roblox is a browser game and program development platform that enables users to create online games, programs and interactive experiences for others to play, while earning Robux through gameplay.
Roblox can be used to create different types of games, from action, to strategy, adventure, survival horror, role playing and massively multiplayer online games. The platform features a social gaming network with more than 164 million monthly active users, which means nearly 1.3 billion virtual games are played each month.

Roblox, developed by real-time strategy game developer and publisher Roblox Corporation, is a user-created Web browser-based online virtual game platform. It was founded in 2005 by Rob Holland, Caleb McLaughlin, and David Baszucki. Roblox is the third-largest virtual game network and it is available as a free program for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux users.


According to the Roblox website, Roblox enables players to “create, publish and play” customized games. Players can easily navigate their home screen to customize the look of their games. They can also create different types of games, including two-dimensional (2D) platform, role playing, action, strategy, and massively multiplayer online games. Players can create and play their games using a web browser.
The default Roblox interface allows players to create their own game by using a combination of drag-and-drop and click and drag interfaces. Users can then choose their game type, its graphics and behavior, as well as the appearance and feel of the game’s controller. Roblox categorizes games into three types, Classic, Sandbox, and Creator.
Classic games are virtual playfields with pre-made game objects. These games are typically limited to two players and are mostly focused on action, strategy, or a puzzle game. For Classic games, players can pick the game type, game objects, and game objects to put into play.
Sandbox games can be viewed as virtual playfields. To create these games, players can drag and drop game objects to create a game environment. A game player can customize the physics of the game environment and the movement of game objects. Players can also add an avatars to each game. With certain Sandbox games, players can also select a pre-made environment. Unlike Classic games, Sandbox games can be played by multiple players at once.
Creator games allow players to create their own game. With Creator games


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Roblox is a video game, but not like other video games. It’s free, but it also lets you spend real money on in-game items. You can buy clothes, weapons and accessories. You can also access premium mode by spending real money.

When you first get into Roblox, you’ll earn points and as you spend more, you’ll get more points. Points go towards something called “Robux” and once you have 1000 Robux, you can use it to buy more stuff, or you can spend it on Roblox’s subscription plan, which is $6.99 a month.

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