Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. Created to be a platform for learning programming for children and adolescents, Roblox released its first game, Roblox Studio, in 2005. Since the game’s release, Roblox has expanded to offer programming classes to adults in addition to children.
Because it allows children to create their own games, Roblox has been accused of being predatory in its business practices, despite efforts by Roblox to prevent exploitative or predatory behavior. Roblox has also been accused of leveraging its massive platform and strong relationships with developers to push developers to add advertising to games.
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Download Instructions

The free version of Draw Something can be downloaded via Google Play or directly from the developer’s website.The app has more than 60 million monthly active users, with more than 20 million daily active users.
Players around the world can join the battle by completing the top challenges on Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert difficulties.
The Android game takes advantage of the Google Play Games integration, so you can compete against your friends as well as their scores.
Like its iOS counterpart, Draw Something 2 for Android has 15 million daily active users, with more than 5 million daily active users.



Like Draw Something, Draw Something 2 for Android has a number of challenges, as well as Facebook and Twitter integration. Players take turns drawing a cartoon image of something familiar using their smartphone touchscreen, sharing the drawings with friends via social networking sites. However, the important thing is to be able to draw in more than one corner of the screen. If the player is unable to draw more than one of the screen area, their opponent takes away points.
The gameplay works like many other free-to-play games in the AppStore, and it’s pretty easy to understand how to play.
The gameplay is part of the “Daily Snap” mode, in which users are able to share drawings with friends, while playing against them on different difficulty levels.

Problems and Solutions

Design and usability

The draw interface shows five playing areas, and lets players drag to resize, rotate or duplicate them. If the player taps a canvas with the mouse, a number of objects appears, including the beginning of a message to send to a Facebook friend or Twitter follower.
Draw Something 2 has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, and it supports multiple languages.
There are other drawing games with advanced graphical effects or filters, but Draw Something 2 remains faithful to the original simple concept and offers attractive results.
The app lets players switch between their saved games, shared scores and progress by tapping the menu button.
Draw Something 2 is completely free to use, but the developer offers some of its products as paid items in the AppStore, such as its “Cross-Platform Pack” and “New Pack”.
The Android version of Draw Something 2 comes in two packs:


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published:21 Jan 2018


“The wind came and swept them away.
The wind brought them there,
the wind carried them away.
It came, it brought them in,
it carried them away”.
The wind came and swept us away in the QuakeCon2016 weekend, and I don’t think it will be the last time. In addition to that, I have no deep inner peace knowing there’s still a lot of other conventions I have yet to experience. SouthCentral is truly a place that will have a lot of major impacts in the year 2017 if we make a decision to learn from these events.
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published:21 Jan 2018


published:21 Jan 2015


published:20 May 2015


Roblox is looking for a level designer to update and maintain a new map. We’d like this designer to be on top of their game but also have the ability to go hands-on and test their ideas before the production team has to pick them up. You will have creative control over at least two of the three story missions and should be able to tell your story in a unique way.
This is a full time job. But the pay is already pretty good.

published:25 Feb 2015


Consider it a test to know if you have the potential to be great at Roblox.

What are we playing today? Let’s hit play and find out.
James has been


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Fully working with all the functions and features of the original game.

Get your own account with unlimited benefits, the account is attached to the user’s Gmail address, so it will be easier for you to play online games, chat and even send money to your friends if you know who they are.

By joining, you will be able to activate unlimited Robux Codes and also, you can add the Gunner and Explosions classes when you’re in Multiplayer mode. The Gunner Class makes you able to pick up the guns dropped by enemies, and the Explosions Class grants you to place Explosive Tents around the map, give a great advantage when you are battling.

This application is not yet licensed or certified by the Roblox Corp.

What’s New

Updated: September 27, 2020.

Version 1.4

Added some bug fixes and improvements!

Version 1.3

– Map are now automatically cleared when you start a new game
– Robot Difficulty and Bonus Times have been optimized
– Robot Difficulty has been added to the A.I
– Bonus Times has been added to the A.I
– Added support for Gunner and Explosions Classes
– Added some bug fixes!

Version 1.2

– A few tweaks here and there
– Updated the Activity Menu
– Added some bug fixes!

Version 1.1

– Game improvements
– Bug fixes!

Version 1.0

– Launcher/login problems fixed
– Don’t play an old game and then close it anymore
– Store fixes
– Game improvements

Please Remember to Turn ON your phone Location and/or WiFi in order to activate the Mod.
* Your current location is displayed in the ROBUX field.
* The latest device version is automatically detected.
* The information for the latest device version is displayed at the bottom-left of the game window.

Note: This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Roblox, Inc.

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