In our modern age, the information and technology has given us a big advantage over our ancestors. We can look up anything from the cloud with just a few taps on our phones or tablets, share information and create community, and use the internet as a tool for dating. Our generation is more comfortable with technology than any other and thus, our dating advice is also a lot different than the dating advice of even the most contemporary generations.

In order to succeed at dating, you need to put a bit of effort into improving yourself. So, here are some tips for getting better at dating and preparing yourself for modern dating.

Prepare for Casual Dating

Let’s face it: Casual dating is pretty much the norm these days. Casual dating can actually lead to some amazing, long-lasting relationships. But, the only way to get to casual dating is to get some experience. So, the key here is simply to keep meeting people. It’s easy to get stuck at the bar or in the club. But, you can get to where you want to go—by networking and joining groups and meetups. Make it clear that you are not looking for a serious relationship at the start, but you’re willing to work it out.

The key to casual dating is to have a good time and make sure that you keep your expectations realistic. If you have a crush on someone that likes you back, that’s not casual dating. It’s just casual dating. Meeting someone is hard work, and you can’t force the relationship. But, you can enjoy some of the benefits of being around a lot of people.

A lot of people can’t seem to learn this lesson. When you go on a date, you can’t let them know if you like them or not. You can’t let them know that you like them or love them back. You don’t want to risk opening yourself up for them to reject you and then you don’t have someone to tell you what went wrong. So, we’ll just pretend like it’s a casual date, and you will eventually see if you can work it out. But, for now, you have to let them think that they’re getting a great time.

Work on Your Body Language

Body language is important when it comes to dating. However, a lot of people have a hard time understanding it. Body language is all about reading your partner. Are they comfortable? Do they like you? Are they attracted to you? Are they comfortable with you
From the moment you start dating, you’ll become the expert on yourself and learn what you need in a partner to ensure a happy, long-lasting relationship. (And if you’re a single 25-year-old and wondering if anyone is going to like you, stop wondering—they already have!)

That means you should be asking yourself these questions before ever meeting someone, not after you’ve already started dating.

What are the biggest mistakes that I’m prone to making in dating?

You can’t stop dating without a plan for what you’re after.

If the first three months of being single are spent telling yourself that you need to find the One and starting to get on edge when you see someone you like, by the time you do meet someone, you’ll be well into the friend zone. It may be that you’ve been putting your all into getting to a point of desperation before actually having met someone you’re interested in, or, depending on how long you’ve been dating, you may have it all figured out with a new guy and be in no need of any more tips. Either way, the question you should be asking yourself before starting any dating is “What am I looking for?”

Here’s a good way to think about it: If you were being honest with yourself, would you tell a potential partner that you only wanted a friend or that you were absolutely looking to meet a life partner?

Of course you would say the latter. It would just be about as sane as telling a friend you were ready for more than a hook-up. You might want to have a little fun first, but from what you’ve said about your past relationships, you’re looking for a new partner. While it’s perfectly acceptable to see a guy or girl you like, and get to know them a little, expecting them to fall in love with you after you’ve barely spoken is just plain ridiculous, and sets you up for disappointment.

What does that mean for me?

It means that if you actually want to make a long-term commitment, you should be able to lay out the kind of relationship you want.

Do you want a relationship where you have the freedom to date lots of people but only want to be exclusive with one? If so, know that you have a choice before you begin. You can either narrow your search down to one prospect before meeting others or keep the door open, as you please. Just don’t expect them to have the