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How to make sure current user can access to the folder from webserver?

I have a webserver. It has some files inside folder /var/www/user/myfolder. But only someone who has the access to the folder and those files can be able to access to the files.
How do I make sure only the current user can access to those files?
I need to use Ubuntu.


You can check if user is present in folder structure and require user to be present in order to allow access to the files. If not, deny.

if [! -e myfolder ] ; then
echo “user does not have right to read/write to folder myfolder”
exit 1

USER=$(id -u)
if [! -z $USER ] ; then
if [ -e “myfolder/$USER” ] ; then
echo “User $USER already have right to read/write to folder myfolder”
exit 0
echo “User $USER does not have right to read/write to folder myfolder”
exit 1
echo “user is not present

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