Quickmail is a simple, lightweight application built in Java that enables you to easily and quickly send e-mail messages to your contacts.
Quickmail provides support for the Gmail and Yahoo e-mail engines, enabling you to send e-mails without logging in with your regular mail client. Additionally, you can send bulk emails to more than one person.


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Download ✺✺✺ https://tinurll.com/2mvqcd






Quickmail [March-2022]

Quickmail is a simple, lightweight application built in Java that enables you to easily and quickly send e-mail messages to your contacts.
Quickmail provides support for the Gmail and Yahoo e-mail engines, enabling you to send e-mails without logging in with your regular mail client. Additionally, you can send bulk emails to more than one person.
Quickmail Features:
* Built in Java and Lite Java – no compilation required (no installation needed)
* Send e-mail as text, html, rtf or plain text documents (PST, MBOX, PDF, DOC etc.)
* Supports several variations and languages of both Google and Yahoo mail
* Supports several variations of Outlook including iCalendar
* Supports sendmail and many other secure protocols
* Supports Thunderbird, Netscape, Mozilla and Internet Explorer 6 and 7
* Supports multiple recipients and multiple mail
* Supports unlimited recipients
* Supports bulk and attach files to mail
* Supports customisation of all text of message
* Supports gzip compression
* Supports a choice of several signature themes and fonts for all languages
* Supports several languages
* Supports customisable message ID, subject, from and to headers, sender, recipients and type
* Supports both sendmail and SMTP servers (secure)
* Supports multiple connections if you are using more than one e-mail account
* Supports multiple domains and aliases
* Supports multiple domains in same account
* Supports multiple language
* Supports customisable quickmail logo
* Supports customisable quickmail colour palette
* Supports customisable quickmail look and feel using Tk or Motif widgets
* Supports multiple quickmail themes
* Supports multiple quickmail logos
* Supports multiple quickmail colours
* Supports customisable show and hide quickmail logo
* Supports customisable quickmail logo texts
* Supports customisable Quickmail button style
* Supports customisable Quickmail button fonts
* Supports customisable Quickmail button border
* Supports customisable Quickmail button text
* Supports multiple email accounts
* Supports attachment filtering
* Supports attachments in both plain text and word processors
* Supports attachments in multiple file formats
* Supports attachments in word processors
* Supports attachments in PDF
* Supports attachments in rtf
* Supports attachments in doc
* Supports attachments in PPT
* Supports attachments in xls
* Supports attachments in html
* Supports attachments in txt
* Supports attachments in.psd
* Supports attachments in.jpg
* Supports attachments in

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– Supports many different versions of the Google and Yahoo mail services.
– Supports a variety of email formats
– Mail sending with keywords search.
– Supports addresses with or without http
– You can choose whether to show a window or application for sending mail
– E-mails can be sent as attachments or inline

Add pictures to your emails using this easy to use application.
This software can be used with any email address and will enable you to add photos to emails you send.
The software supports the following file types:.gif.jpg.jpeg.png.bmp.eml.msg.emlx.
You can use it to add photos to MSN, Outlook and AOL mailboxes.
The user interface is simple to use and has just the basic tools and functions required.

NiceMail makes it easy to design and send professional looking, fully customizable HTML e-mail.
You can choose from many different templates and edit the text using special HTML-like tags and formatting. This program supports multiple mail accounts, as well as an easy to use drag-n-drop mail builder.
A fully featured e-mail editor, there are a host of tools available for you to edit your messages as you see fit. You can select the font size, the background color, and even the border style, just to name a few.
Additional features include the ability to email more than one person, the ability to attach more than one file to the e-mail, and the ability to personalize the e-mail when it’s in your inbox.

DigiAccelerate is a simple, easy to use, powerful email-automation tool for managing email, scheduling emails, managing contacts, processing email and files, posting to blogs, IRC, MISC…
It does everything from e-mail to the Internet.

A simple and easy to use application for processing and submitting links to several popular link directories.
The application does not require you to register or give any information about yourself.
You can easily add URLs from any site by pasting them into the link list.
Once you add a link, you can instantly submit the link to a number of services.
The link can be added to a sub-directory of your choosing.
You can also add links to the same sub-directory with different text/environments.
You can add an activation link for a sub-directory that will redirect the visitor to an online presence.

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Quickmail is a simple, lightweight application built in Java that enables you to easily and quickly send e-mail messages to your contacts.
Quickmail provides support for the Gmail and Yahoo e-mail engines, enabling you to send e-mails without logging in with your regular mail client. Additionally, you can send bulk emails to more than one person.
Quickmail Features:
+ Easy to use
+ Support for Gmail and Yahoo Mail engines
+ Simple and quick to send e-mails
+ Works with the Windows Windows Operating System
+ Localized in Spanish

June 15, 2015.. Use Gmail.com instead of MSN or Outlook to send email messages… Microsoft tried a lot of times to get.com domains into the Windows 10 store… Over the weekend, any attempt to send an email from a Gmail or other.com.
All it took was a cursory search on the Internet to determine that this had.com addresses was really a big no-no.. It’s hard to get it resolved because Microsoft has no real desire to.
Sending Email From Gmail or Yahoo….Using Microsoft’s official.com-based Exchange Network… however, is another matter.
What Is Email? “A message consisting of a…

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While the shortcut to create a new email in Windows 7 is…

June 16, 2015.. sending an email from Gmail is very quick.. the only issue is that Microsoft only allows.. and if you use another system, it can be a challenge to find out.. Log in to your Gmail account and then click the.
Using Gmail to send…………………….

What’s New In?

Quickmail is a very simple and lightweight application. At the same time, it provides email sending abilities for Gmail, Yahoo and AIM users. The application is comprised of a browser and the Quickmail Client window.
The browser is an inbuilt component of the application, which is used for connecting to a Gmail, AIM or Yahoo account. You can use the browser to sign into a Gmail or Yahoo account.
You can also use the Quickmail Client window to send e-mails in either normal or HTML format. You can send bulk messages to more than one user. The application does not provide user registration or support for attachments.
Features of Quickmail:
The Quickmail application allows you to send e-mail messages to your contacts with the tools of the Mail Client. You are able to select the Contact List option in the application window. You can select multiple contacts.
You can also modify the content of the e-mail message before sending. The application allows you to preview the e-mail message, select the signature and user interface. You can also open the e-mail message in a new window or tab.
You can also view the e-mail statistics, including the number of successful mail deliveries and errors. Additionally, you can view the number of postponed messages or unavailable messages.
Additionally, the application has an attach functionality that allows you to attach files and images to the e-mail messages. A user manual and FAQ is also provided for the application.

EA Email Monitor is an powerful email software for monitoring and managing of your GMail, Hotmail, Live, Live mail, AOL and other email accounts. It supports multiple e-mail accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and any other popular mail service like Yahoo Mail, aol, hotmail, etc. EA Email Monitor allows you to check incoming and outgoing emails, view mails in HTML and plain text, filter and organize mail, delete mails, reply to them and archive mails. Also with EA Email Monitor you can add or delete e-mail accounts.
The best feature of EA Email Monitor is Sorting or grouping of mails in folders. EA Email Monitor can organize your mails into folders. You can add folders and set them to be read by you only or by the entire family. You can also set different color for each folder to make it easy for you to find your mails. EA Email Monitor supports up to 200000 folders.
EA Email Monitor 1.5.1 Build 822

System Requirements For Quickmail:

Supported OS:
Mac OS 10.6+
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Android 4.0+
Fully compatible with:
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