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psutil is a software utility that can work cross-platform and provide you with various information about system utilization as well as running processes in Python. Users may also want to know that, apart from Windows, the library can be used on Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OSX, and Sun Solaris.
Coming with support for both 32-bit and 64 environments, psutil can handle Python versions ranging from 2.7 to 3.6, and the array of operations it allows you to carry out is quite broad as well.
As such, limiting process resources is possible using this Python library, as is the case of system monitoring and profiling. Aside from that, managing running processing should raise no difficulty whatsoever.
It is also worth pointing out that this Python module can open the door to lots of extra functionality provided that you turn to command line tools. Just to get an idea, it should be mentioned a series of examples, such as ifconfig, ps, pmap, top, lsof, who, kill, uptime, tty, free, nice, ionice, df, iostat, iotop, pidof, netstat, or taskset.
Comprehensive documentation detailing psutil’s capabilities is provided by the developer at this link and should be of great help when trying grasp its functionality.


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The psutil library is developed and maintained by the B.U.G. project (Binary Users Group) and aims to provide a stable and easy-to-use interface for the manipulation of processes running on a Linux operating system.
psutil can be installed as a stand-alone package by most package managers (like PyPI, Anaconda, and pip) and can be run with all Python versions, including Python 2.7 and 3.
Generally, as stated earlier, the library is a cross-platform and cross-OS project, meaning it is compatible with most platforms. It comes with support for 32-bit and 64-bit environments, and can be used to manage system resources in 64-bit as well. On top of that, the Python module is ready to work on all Linux distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, and Arch.
It is even possible to use it in non-Linux OSs such as Windows and Mac OS X with the version of Python provided. This makes it suitable for any environment and represents an important quality for a library of this nature.
As with most Python projects, the psutil library works with all Python major versions, going as far back as Python 2.7 and even Python 3.4, but the latest and greatest is Python 3.5.
When working with psutil, you will need to use Linux distributions that run Python 3.3 and later versions to be able to use the most updated version of the library. If you are running an older version of Python, then it will be preferable to opt to keep using the pre-v3.3 versions available.
Functions and features in psutil include:

Managing running processes and interacting with them using the pids and pids modules (even managing file descriptors).

Computing memory and storage usage using memorymaps, top, and pmap.

Listing running processes using ps and pss, retrieving their information and showing it to users using the psutil.Process class, which supports retrieving the process’ information in the following formats:


psutil.Popen.cmd – command

psutil.Popen.args – command line arguments

psutil.Popen.fd – file descriptor, negative values if not in use – process identifier (pids module)

psutil.Popen.ppid – parent process

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According to its developer, psutil is a free cross-platform port of the Process Explorer for Windows and a part of the psutil family.
It is meant to complement the Linux and BSD ps command. On Windows, there is the old WMI interface, which can do most things. On Linux and BSD systems, ps is usually the main command. This is where the idea was born to provide an interface to the PID, PPID, name and arguments of every process.
There are many other psutil features too.
For example, you can list processes either as a certain user, a group or all users and also get a list of processes which are assigned to a certain CPU or memory location.
This software can do almost everything the Windows version does, with some peculiarities of the Unix and BSD platforms.
Besides, it is distributed under the MIT license.
psutil Features:
You should start by looking at the Python code which is provided within the Github repository.
There, you can find information about the various interface classes available to you. All of them are documented individually, and some of them may not be explained.
For instance, the File class is a wrapper around the lower level API, and it is quite clear what it does, but no description of it is provided. However, the many commands included in this module are described and documented.
At the end of the day, you may find the following commands handy when using psutil:
Returns a list of process names, which is useful if you want to distinguish them.
It gets a process given its PID.
It gets a process given its process name.
It gets a process given its PID.
It gets a process given its name.
It gets a list of process environment variables.
It gets a list of process environment variables given its name.
Returns a dict giving the process status, amongst other metrics.
It gets a process given its name. It can also retrieve memory metrics.
It gets a process given its name. It can also retrieve memory metrics.

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While the GNU project has a version of psutil that is intended for Linux-based systems, the one provided for Windows is completely different.
Additionally, this Python utility does not only support Windows, but it is also possible to install this library on other platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, and Solaris.
Being written in Python, it is easy to learn and use. It can be installed using pip, which is an integrated toolset for Python. Apart from being able to handle the different versions of Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, and 3.7, this library also works on Python 2.x- and Python 3.x-based interpreters, which means that it can be used on any platform on which both are available.
Aside from being cross-platform, psutil is a fully capable utility. It supports the Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X platforms, and it is also possible to install it on older operating systems such as OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Solaris, which are all available for free.
One of the features that makes psutil stand out among other Python-based utilities is that it offers you a couple of tools that are not present on other platforms. These are:
* the kill function to easily manage the processes running on your system
* the kill signal to easily shutdown a process
* the nice function to quickly change the priority level of a process
* the ionice function to set the priority level of a process
* the nice, iostat, and rtadm functions to monitor system utilization
* the iotop, port, and smerf functions to provide you with information about the network processes
* the psutil thread function to see if a process is using a thread
* the pidof and timeout functions to find running processes
* the top and w commands to see information about processes
* the swapon and swapoff functions to stop and start processes
* the swapoff and swapon functions to stop and start the page cache
In this context, it is important to note that, for a process to be monitored, it must be a daemon or have a fixed task. So, for example, if a process is running continuously it will be shown in the rtadm command.
Another important thing to remember is that, because these are Linux-based tools, they can be used to monitor and interact with Unix-

What’s New In?

A collection of modules for the Parse/Process system information on Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

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I have a table which has duplicate rows in one of my columns.
I need to delete the rows which have duplicate values for that particular column.
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I want output like this:
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You can use ROW_NUMBER and DISTINCT:
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