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keep in mind that a lot of people can be accessing your app at the same time, so even if you make everything use ssl, people will be seeing your certificate and reporting it as having a security error.

a v2v (vehicle to vehicle) wireless communication system enables vehicles to exchange data with each other at high speeds (100 km/h). v2v communication is used to provide safety functions, such as emergency braking, when a driver turns on the vehicle’s side-view mirror at night; and to enable an advanced driver-assistance system. the v2v communication system is also called a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system, etc.

that was the biggest problem for me because what they offered was visual basic 6 – no object-oriented features and no design-time support. but i was a professional: i could work with it. i felt i had to leave. regardless of losing the job, i had put in 2 years, was making money, could now own a house; a reason to hope for a brighter future.

kibbles ‘n bits represents a long-standing it pioneer in the area of asset protection. we provide pc and network security, mobility, remote management, mobile security, wireless infrastructure, endpoint security and data security for the smart web.

it takes a short time to get a windows 7 or 8 operating system up to speed, but it can be very hard to keep it up to speed. it will get slower and slower and eventually will run so poorly that you need to do an os reinstall.

by choosing not to simply follow a recent sea of geeky malware through the apple stack, apple avoided a major nuisance and kept apple users’ data safe. but at the expense of steve jobs’ powerful brand name, apple sold itself off to another corporation, a corporation that has a history of exploiting consumers. and once it got..

tap is an open standard that requires a digital public transport ticket to have a visible qr code, which is then used by a mobile device to access the public transport network. the new tap e-ticket, developed by transport for london, will also include a mobile app and an sms (text message) service. travelcard and oyster users will be able to download the new e-ticket app on their smartphones and use it for real time updates of their journeys. and ebay launched a new marketplace featuring an augmented reality (ar) app for mobile devices. the app integrates the technology behind the product tags that are featured on the two e-commerce websites, allowing customers to use their phones to view a 3d look at an item. 
a security breach involving payments revealed that payment card information belonging to a small number of customers was stolen. specifically, the company found that the stolen data was not encrypted on some data storage devices, and that it may have been accessible to employees.
the precision irrigation system is a completely new way of irrigating your lawn, garden or farm. potentially saving you 10 percent or more on water usage and far less time and effort. the irrigation system can also be used to control sprinkler heads fitted to the perimeter of a garden. there is a choice of two different cylinder volumes to irrigate your lawn, garden or farm. this is a water saving system, and ensures the best growing conditions for both plants and soil – keeping your plants healthy and production up.


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