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Probook 6550b Driver


This page contains a list of device drivers for the HP ProBook 6550b.n To download the correct driver, first select your operating system, and then locate your device.
To find out which driver is removed, double-click on its name in the list, and additional information about this device will be displayed on the right side of the window.

To apply the driver you have purchased, double-click on it with the left mouse button, then right-click and select “Apply” from the context menu that appears (see Figure 1.2).
You can also click on the “Link” button and select any driver file that will later be used during installation.

Rice. 1-2. Context menu when installing the driver.

That’s all! Now you can use your Probook 6550 and customize it however you like.
Read our next chapter to learn how to adjust power settings.

On this page, besides the driver for HP PX6550b, you will find a description of the power saving option in Prestigio Burner Office and the program for working with Probook data with graphic cards.
Free download:
STEP and Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 SP2 for Windows®® 64-bit SP1 and SP2 for 32-bit versions.
• To load hardware drivers such as NVIDIA®, AMD®, MSI, Intel, Samsung, or others, use “Device Drivers” in the “Device Drivers” section of the “Standard” tab in Windows®.
The Video Restorer program allows not only viewing video files, but also editing them, converting them to other formats, and burning DVD discs.
We are sure that it will be very useful to you in your work.
You can download or buy the Video Restorer program for free by contacting us at: icq. 380433353.
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