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PixelArtWhiteboard is an application that lets you create pixel art. You can create beautiful pixel art and view them. Anyone connected to the internet can view and comment on the art, or even collaborate in the making of the art. PixelArtWhiteboard lets you make art on a pixel grid and colors. You can then convert the art into an image and output it as a bitmap image or as a vector image. You can also import images from the web and have them be inserted as the background image of an individual frame. You can even cut and paste from other applications to be inserted into an image.
PixelArtWhiteboard Features:
PixelArtWhiteboard comes with all of the tools and utilities you need for creating pixel art. These include, pencil tool, line tool, rectangle tool, oval tool, selection and stamp tools. You can view the finished pixel art in the built-in viewer, save to memory, and email them to anyone that has a web browser. The program includes a bitmap converter for converting the pixels to a true resolution image or vector image format for outputting, as well as having the ability to cut and paste other applications from the internet and have them inserted into the art.

PixelVideo is the all-in-one video maker and sharing solution. With it, you can make and share professional quality videos, add effects and transitions, record your screen activity, edit videos and create videos that can be accessed from anywhere. It allows you to create professional looking videos without any limitations.
PixelVideo is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating and editing professional looking videos.
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PixelVideo supports both up to 1080p Full HD and 4K resolutions at 30fps.
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⦁ Snap to grid with the Pen tool, create rectangles, use the Eraser tool and erase a selected area ⦁ With the Stamp tool, insert an image to a pixel art canvas, adjust the Color palette, and use the Background color, Border color and Stamping options ⦁ Erase outside the pixel, select a large area, manipulate the source pixels and move a pixel left, right, up, down or rotate ⦁ Create and save your work ⦁ Connect, invite and coordinate your team via Private Messages from the server ⦁ Enjoy a social experience at the same time using the Stamped Pixels and Added Pixels ⦁ Collaborate and work together in real time using support chat, drawing tools, and the ability to export as an image in any format you require

PixelArtWhiteboard Features:
⦁ Stamped Pixels – place an image in a pixel art canvas that anyone can view ⦁ Added Pixels – adds pixels to the canvas by dragging a rectangle over the top of the canvas, using the Selection tool ⦁ Freehand Drawing – use the Rectangle tool to draw rectangles and lines, fill or erase ⦁ Brush Tools – use the Pen Tool, Line Tool, and Rectangle Tool to create pixel art elements ⦁ Stamp a single pixel and rotate it freely ⦁ Freehand Selection – select an area using the Rectangle, Oval, and Ellipse tools ⦁ Image Control – import, export and rotate any image from your computer ⦁ Save as PNG, EPS, and other formats ⦁ Support chat in real time ⦁ Edit and share online – easily re-size and upload to your website

PixelArtWhiteboard Instructions:

To create a pixel art design in PixelArtWhiteboard:
1. On your computer, open PixelArtWhiteboard and download a copy of the image you wish to use, or import from your computer by clicking on the “Import” button. If you wish to use an image on the internet, you can simply leave the URL to the image in the Import window, and it will automatically be downloaded to the PixelArtWhiteboard server.
2. Click on the “Stamp” icon to place the image on your canvas. Click on the Stamp tool to choose an image, and click again to place the image. If you wish to re-size the image, click and drag the corner of the image over the canvas. Hold

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PixelArtWhiteboard is a helpful tool for creating pixel art. Everyone can work at the same time and follow your creative ideas.
It is the best way to create pixel art for all ages. You can save your creations as beautiful high resolution images.
Dockerfile Analysis:
As can be seen, the image is quite large at more than 21.2GB. In addition to the JPEG file for the whiteboard image, the image consists of a shell script file called customBuilds.sh.
The package unpacks files into a temporary directory then executes custom shell scripts to install some dependencies before building the official image.
The individual components, in order, are:




Thanks for reading my tutorial about how to dockerize Pixelart Whiteboard.

How to Use the Application:
Simply download the file through the links above, unzip it and run the docker image by using the docker command:

docker run -p -d pixelartwhiteboard/pixelartwhiteboard

First of all, we bind our container port on port 64002 on all networks.
We will then see if everything ran correctly by issuing the following command:


How Docker Wraps an Application:
PixelArtWhiteboard runs within a Docker container and this process is completely hidden from the user.
Once you run the Docker command above, a container named pixelartwhiteboard should appear in your Docker services list.
If everything worked out right, the container is up and running.
To exit the container, press Ctrl + C.
If you’re in the right shell, go ahead and issue the following command:

docker stop pixelartwhiteboard

It will exit the container for you.

As we all know, Docker limits you to run only one image per network interface.
If you have a network interface with two IP addresses, then you can run two containers on that interface.
We are going to assume that the docker0 is the network device on which we are to run docker services.
This is because we will need to use the docker-machine command to connect to our virtual machine as a docker service.

Docker Services:
Let’s run the docker service we already set up

What’s New in the PixelArtWhiteboard?

create pixel art designs on your computer and then open them up on a web page so your friends can view them online.
PixelArtWhiteboard Features:
* Connect to any website – no need for an internet connection while you work.
* Save any image – save them to your hard drive.
* Easily share any design online.
* Create and edit images in real-time.
* Edit colors and transparency of any image
* Use the special brush to add a border, gradient or mask anywhere in the image.
* Define any tool with any pixel brush shape.
* Define any tool with any pixel brush color.
* Use the Pencil tool to add a brush shape or color.
* Different image format support.
* Zooming Image in real-time.
* Crop and Rotate image in real-time.
* Rotate image in real-time.
* Repeat and combine multiple image one by one.
* Edit and fix pixel color of any image.
* Redo/undo any operation
* Define any tool with any pixel brush shape
* Define any tool with any pixel brush color
* Click on any pixel to paint on it.
* Use the freeform brush to paint anywhere in the canvas.
* Use the shape brush and the freeform brush to paint wherever you want.
* Add any type of decorative element.
* Add a gradient to any type of element.
* Add a stroke to any element.
* Add an Ellipse in real-time.
* Fill any area with a shape of any color.
* Draw a Rectangle anywhere in the image.
* Draw a line or shape of any type of shape.
* Free-form paint any element.
* Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically or Rotate 180° any image.
* Add Text to any element.
* Add Freeform text anywhere in the image.
* Add any type of path to any element.
* Add any type of border to any element.
* Save all the elements as separate images.
* Remove any type of layer from any element.
* Save an image as an image format of your choice.
* Save an image as a jpeg image.
* Save an image as a gif image.
* Save an image as a png image.
* Save an image as a web-ready image.
* Save an image as a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz (Core i3 or later) or 2.1 GHz (Core i5 or later)
Memory: 4 GB RAM (32-bit) or 6 GB RAM (64-bit)
Graphics: DirectX 10-capable graphics card
DirectX: Version 10
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 50 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 10-compatible sound card
Additional Notes: Internet connection required for downloading the game