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This is a Chemics application that helps you see the properties of chemical formals and make all sorts of calculations. You have several tools at your disposal, such as a calculator, periodical table, crystal structure, chemical notation, boiling points, molar volume, and more. You can also make some calculations, such as calculating liquid capacity, heat of vaporization, melting point and more. Check it out!

One of my favorite programs to use is ChemOffice, but ChemOn is better.

For a Chemist, you need to edit your molecules when you work with them so that is why there are lots of different programs for that as well.

For Education –

SageMath has a very good math portal for school.

Nice plugins for teachers.



Sublime Text




For students –

What version of Windows are you running?

Win 10?

Win 10 is the best version of Windows as it’s all in one. You can manage all of your programs and files with one click as well as the vast amount of apps within the Windows store.

Win 10?

Win 10 also gives you a desktop experience which is easier to manage as it’s all the app area and one click to programs.

For Windows 7 –

W7 is a pretty good version of Windows. If you have a clean Windows install you can download and run a DOS, as you have to if you have Windows 10.

If you have to have a utility like a calculator, I would go with a DOS utility that you can program in rather than trying to add a calculator into the Windows version.

For Mac –

macOS is great as well. I have a 99% utilized, Mac. I also have an iPad.

It’s a great personal computer and can do just about anything you need.

Note: Check out the software HERE and HERE.

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PhysProps 1.60 Activator

PhysProps is the ideal application for thermodynamic, hydrostatic and all sort of other properties.
1) Calculate all sort of thermodynamic properties including enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, heat capacity, Gibbs energy, enthalpy of formation and some other properties.
2) Configure all sort of surface tension, vapor pressure and other properties.
3) Adjust pressure, temperature and all sort of properties.
4) Calculate all sort of mechanical properties including density, volume, molecular weight and more.
5) Read the periodic table and configure properties like chemical symbol, atomic radius, electronegativity, oxidation number, stability, crystal structure and more.
6) Get information on elements including atomic number, atomic weight, symbol, valency, charge, hardness, boiling point, melting point, conductivity and many other properties.
7) Preview your calculations and see a detailed output showing properties in a table.
8) Adjust unit of measurement for pressure, temperature, energy and more.
9) Configure a database to add new formals.
10) Load all sort of crystal formals and get detailed information on crystal structure like lattice constants, volume, space group, density, entropy, heat capacity, bonding type, crystal symmetry and so on.
11) Calculate all sort of properties of chemical compounds like density, heat capacity, lattice constants, equilibrium constant and many others.
12) Get all sort of information on elements in the Periodic Table.
13) Read pressure, temperature, energy and all sort of properties in the Periodic Table for all elements.
14) Adjust the conversion factor for temperature and pressure.
15) Calculate all sort of physical properties like density, viscosity, surface tension, melting point and many more.
16) Make all sorts of calculations in a single click from PhysProps.
17) Make a complete and precise presentation of calculations for any property in a single click.
For more information, please, visit

Pee-in-the-stick chemistry, or pee-in-the-tube science, is all about forming a solution that is so concentrated and powerful that it can easily “melt” the Iodine Tincture (IT) and be used to “stain” the source of that absorbed iodine such as a human hair.
The Pee-in-the-Stick Chemistry demonstration could be viewed on You

PhysProps 1.60


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What’s New in the PhysProps?

PhysProps is an application for viewing and calculating the properties of chemical compounds. It allows you to check the formula of compounds and change input parameters, like pressure, temperature, ideal gas, compression and expansion, vapor therm, and surface tension.
It also has a database that lets you check a property of elements, like melting temperature, boiling temperature, melting point, most stable form, disassociation energy, vapor pressure and more.
You can also adjust temperature and read properties of liquids and solids, like density, viscosity, vapor therm, surface tension, and many more.
PhysProps is completely free, can be downloaded with a single click and doesn’t take long to install.

With a setting to both generate and generate random results, Google Sheet is a robust tool for excel and has a bunch of additional features in most fields of business.
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What is Google Sheet?
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System Requirements For PhysProps:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Pentium III 750 MHz (1.0 GHz)
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard disk space: 15 GB
Graphics: DirectX 8.0 compatible system
Sound card: Microsoft Sound System compatible
Additional Notes:
You can play this game in English or in the original German version.
You can choose between the standard and console version. The standard version offers a regular experience, the console version includes many game-enhancing features, such as save states and saved autos