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Photoshop cannot edit animated GIFs. To work with them, download a graphics program such as GIMP (see Book II, Chapter 5).

Photoshop is available in three versions: CS (Creative Suite), CS3 (Creative Suite 3) and CS6 (Creative Suite 6). CS3 is available for both Mac and Windows. CS6 is Mac-only. CS6 also has a few great new features. For more information, turn to Book IV, Chapter 1.

Photoshop CS6

In order to reduce the impact of the five updates, Adobe reduced the price of CS6 from $699 to $499.

You can download, purchase and install the latest version of Photoshop on the same day it’s released. Go to ``.

Although Photoshop is an industry standard, many graphic designers and artists use a number of other programs, as well, for various reasons. Figure 4-3 shows Photoshop CS6 with the Preferences dialog box open.

Photoshop CS6 includes many great new features. You can read about them in the upcoming section, “Photoshop CS6 in action,” and find a complete listing of the new features in Adobe’s website (``).

**Figure 4-3:** Photoshop CS6 provides easy access to many settings and functions.

The new features are a great resource, but be aware that an article on a website will no longer serve a purpose when the website goes out of business. Therefore, I will be using the free trial edition of Photoshop. Even though the trial edition won’t include the updated features, you will get a good sense of how all the bells and whistles work and how they affect your designs. The free edition will be enough for most beginners.

Chapter 5

Adobe Illustrator

In This Chapter

Working with illustrations

Making color selections

Using rulers and guides to simplify your work

Creating professional illustrations

Using the Pen tool to draw vector objects

Modifying a collection of strokes

Removing blemishes and getting organized

Working with comps

Answering questions about Illustrator

Enjoying Adobe Illustrator

You use Illustrator just like you use any other tool, such as a hammer. Illustrator is an excellent tool and your

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If you want to learn how to edit photos, you will benefit from our list of best online Photoshop tutorials.

If you want to learn how to use Photoshop Elements to its fullest, read through our Photoshop Elements Tutorials.

If you want to learn how to make memes using Photoshop, check out our Photoshop Memes Tutorials.

We have also created a Photoshop Photo Editing videos playlist for beginners.

A List of Photoshop Tutorials :

1. Editing an image in Photoshop Elements, part 1

2. Basic photo editing, part 1

3. Basic photo editing, part 2

4. Basic photo editing, part 3

5. Channels, Adjustment Layers, and other Photoshop Elements features

6. Color Balance

7. Enhance Photo

8. Edit with Gradients

9. Image Tracing

10. Mastering Healing Tools

11. Processing Black and White Images

12. Remove Noise

13. Retouch

14. Simplify Art

15. Small project basics

16. Transforming a Photo

17. Creating a GIF

18. Vector and Pixel Art Tutorials

19. Applying a filter

20. Coloring Photos

21. Converting your image to Grayscale

22. Curves and Levels

23. Developing a Photo

24. DBase and Denoise

25. Dividing Image in Photoshop

26. Embroidery

27. Effects and Style

28. File formats in Photoshop

29. Fuzzy Image

30. Grayscale

31. Image optimization

32. Keylight and Blur

33. Photo Modification

34. Remove White Parts

35. Selecting an object

36. Selecting objects in Photo-Shop Elements

37. Soften image edges

38. Transforming an image

39. Watermarking Images

40. Work on different sizes

41. How to Create a Photoshop Document

42. Import an image

43. Photoshop Elements: Microsoft PowerPoint import

44. Print Your Photos

45. Adding Gloss and Special Effects

46. Apply a Basic Filter in Photoshop

47. Create a Document with the Use Photo As Document option

48. Modifying an image in Photoshop Elements

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1. Clone Stamp
1. Load brush in the Brush Tool
2. Click the background to select it
3. Click the Clone Stamp tool on the Tools panel
4. Click the Brush icon and select the brush you want to use. You can see the original and new area in the Brush Size popup
5. Click the image to start retouching it with the new pixels
6. To select a different area, just click again on the image and start over. You can also move the brush by using the Edit Rectangle Tool (R) or by simply dragging the brush with your mouse
7. To erase pixels, just press Delete. If you need to clear an area, use the Eraser Tool (E) and just click to clear the area. To remove pixels with extra precision, press Delete again
8. After you finish retouching, click the checkbox next to the Lasso Tool (or press L) to deselect the area so that it won’t be used again
9. Close the Brush dialog by clicking the cross in the upper right corner
10. Click the trash can icon in the Tools panel to delete the brush
11. If you have selected a brush, you can use the Brush Presets dialog to add a new one
12. Click the down arrow next to the brush and choose a preset. The brush opens in the Brush dialog to edit it. You can then click the checkbox next to the brush to save it
13. To close the Brush dialog, just click anywhere on the image or press Ctrl+X to exit
14. You can always edit the brush settings and the brush size using the Brush controls (listed on the top of the Brush Tool window)
15. You can also create new brushes by following these steps:
* 1

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