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Extracts the current information from the registry

Tools include :


Regbackup Removes the entry from registry of the backups saved previously with the Regbackup application.

Regbackup RestoreThe full list of values including their default values

“Regbackup Restore” disables or enables each registry value as needed

Regbackup CompareThe values of two different registry backups saved previously with the Regbackup application.

Regbackup Compare[Description]

Regbackup Compare[Key]

Regbackup Compare[Value]

Regbackup Compare[Data]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Description]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Key]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Value]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Description]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Key]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Value]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Description]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Key]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Value]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Description]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Key]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Value]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default][Description]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default][Key]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default][Value]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default][Default]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default][Default][Description]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default][Default][Key]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default][Default][Value]

Regbackup Compare[Data][Default][Default][Default][Default 70238732e0

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Keymacs are used to maintain Keyboard accessibility. Any key combination is
allowed to act as a macro key.
Macros are scheduled to be run at a certain time, like any other automatic
Macros can be set to:

Run every time a key is pressed,

Run only once,

Run at specific times, or

Run at specific times during user input.



types are automatically enabled based on the user preferences:

Selecting any of these will run a defined Macro as soon as it is

Macro types can be toggled on and off via the File →
Preferences → Keyboard.

An example of a useful Macro is to run the

File → Edit


If you want to control all input into a field to use another Macro, you
can set a macro to be triggered whenever input is received into the

For example, you could use a macro that would run the



Macros can be disabled by default.

To disable the current Macro, find its trigger in the

Macro Schedules.

Select ‘Disabled’ from the drop-down menu.

If a Macro has been enabled and disabled, then the schedule will

show ‘Disabled’.

Select ‘Enable’ from the drop-down menu to reactivate
the Macro.

If a Macro has been created that was assigned to the currently
selected schedule, then the schedule will show ‘Enabled’.

If the Macro was assigned to the ‘Quit’ schedule, the schedule
will show ‘Quit’.

If the Macro was assigned to the ‘No Input’ schedule, the
schedule will show ‘No Input’.

If the Macro was assigned to the ‘All Input’ schedule, the
schedule will show ‘All Input’.

Note: Macros which are assigned to an ‘All Input’ schedule

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