Capsa, a unique action game mixed with an artistic adventure!

Capsa is a completely new style of game by 2D Game Studio. For the first time ever in mobile game development, all characters are designed with a pixel art style, creating a new vision of mobile game characters. Not only does the game look beautiful, but it also has unique sound and music design.
Capsa is based on unique pixel art style, creating a new vision of mobile characters.
Each of characters is very unique, and each character has its own personality. There are many characters, each with its own name, appearance, skills, and special items.
During the game, the character will receive various transformations. Each transformation of the character enables it to use new skills and special items.
The activities in Capsa are very different from each other. How will you respond to the enemy when it comes to a crucial moment? You’ll experience this in-game when you play.
• Team battle: with friend or alone!
• Map mode: RPG style action
• Trading and shop: shop for items while chatting
• A royal competition
• Free play: play the game as you want!
• Actively develop your characters through a complete circle, expressing your skills and items through game play.
• The game is designed to have plenty of content.
• You’ll want to unlock every single character and have them all!
• Time your strike! As the enemy approaches, hold a button for a stronger strike!
• The range of skills available to you is quite broad, to include a wide variety of things. With skill points acquired through play, you can raise your own ability and boost your own skills even further!
• You can carry an unlimited amount of items.
• Enjoy the smooth gameplay and challenge of Capsa – Starter Pack!

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Money Master Features Key:

  • Brand new musical score by British composer Andrew Raymond
  • Fan favourites Darius and Farah will return in new and exciting adventures

    Want to take friends along for the ride? Here’s a guide to playing alongside the new and very adult storylines.

    3 Million People

    Originally a text adventure, this game has grown into something more.

    Player interaction has been brought to the fore as you get to help cultured Darius…turning into something more than just a player.
    In this HD version, you’re given the chance to take charge of your character’s evolution.

    Game Design Challenges that Have Changed the Game Industry From No One to You

    A new article from critics Gideon Pesach (Gamasutra ) and Antoine Bauza (Bloomberg ) on game design challenges that have changed game industry from no one to you and links with our history article.


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      12. What do you think about the game? Let us know!

      13. When you’ve had enough? Click on the Flag in the right corner. It will help to get back to the Home menu.

      14. On the “About” section, you will get the following information:

      15. On the “Help” section, you will get the following instructions:

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      What’s new in Money Master:

      “Battle Snakes” is a stylistic play on the traditional work song of the Black Gold Belt. The lyrics are laid out on a diagonal grid and the tune is played over this, creating a structure that suggests a snake from below with its head above. The song was first popularized by the band Junior Brown, along with fellow Southern bluesmen early in the 1960s, where it served as a featured B-side of their hit single “Old School.” The song became a much imitated model for songs with a similar structure by various contemporary blues performers during the later 1960s, including BB King, B.B. King and Sonny Terry.

      Beginning of the development
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      What’s New in Version 1.0.0
      * P1 Stockholders
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      * Many bug fixes!
      Get in touch if you have problems or feedback! It helps us to make the game even better.We are looking forward to your feedback, your suggestions and your bug reports!

      Contact us:
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      Google +:

      Device: Android

      Version: 1.0.2

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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel® or AMD equivalent, 2.4 GHz Intel® or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 2 GB of RAM (32 bit) or 4 GB of RAM (64 bit)
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics device with 128 MB of video RAM (DirectX 9.0c compatible)
    DirectX: Version 9.0c (or later)
    Network: Broadband Internet connection


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