The ModemClose application was developed to be a small tool that closes the modem port when it is stays open after boot.
A friend of mine has a computer that leaves its modem port open when it boots. It keeps humming until you make a normal connect and close it again. This comes from a buggy modem driver. So I made this program for him that only closes the modem port and exits. You don’t even see it running.

ModemClose (LifeTime) Activation Code

close the modem port when it stays open after boot.
Version 1.1:
added TestModemClose Crack For Windows option to open a dialog to ask you if you want to close the port
Version 1.0:
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The keymacro application is the keyboard macro generator.
The purpose of this application is to have a keyboard macro recorder and the ability to customize the macro commands.
KEYMACRO presents to you an interface to create a macro using the key combinations that the user specifies and stores it for future use.
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Many features are provided to help you design your macro.
The application is in C++ and uses MFC.

JanitorClose was developed to clean the start menu cache with a registry cleaner. If the start menu folder cache is left in the SYSTEM key, a virus or other unwanted software may be stored and spread to all your machines.
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Keyboard macro recorder: Create a macro that acts on a predefined key combination.
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Quickly find a file on the disk: Find a file or folder quickly.
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MANNA is a Managed Application Framework that can be used as a stand-alone utility or as an ActiveX control in a web application.
There are three types of MANNA applications:
*Web Application with MANNA Components
*MANNA Console Application
*Mazool Managed Application Framework.

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ModemClose Crack+

Simple and small application that closes the modem port when it is stays open after boot.
To prevent the modem port from closing when you boot you need to start the program first.
When you have it running you can close the program and still keep the port closed.

Use it with caution. You are responsible for what happens when you use this program. It is not tested and has not been used in anger.

Some details:
This application will close the modem port and end the program itself.
If there is no connection when you close the port, the modem port will remain open and the application will exit.
When there is no connection to the modem the sound will stop.
The program will start when the modem was not connected during the last boot.
This application will only stop the modem when no application is running.
If you start the program before the modem is connected, it will be finished before it is connected.
If you start the program before the modem is connected and you don’t close it, it will never connect and you will have to start it again and so on.
This will work with USB and modem connections.

On windows XP the application will not close the port. The port will remain open and an icon will appear in the system tray.

How to use it:

Use the installer and install. You don’t need to run it first.
Just run the setup.exe and after it is finished run the program.
If you run the program manually you must close it before shutting down.

If the port is not connected, the application will exit when you start it.

I have a modem that doesn’t seem to be detected.
I can’t enter the command mode.
I tried with ZeroCore, The ZX driver, and the ZX driver-com-0x15f-0x146-0x100-0x22-1.sys, which by the way doesn’t work (I’m trying to connect to a different modem).
It does find the modem when I click on it in Device Manager, but it is not listed under Open system settings. The modem does connect correctly when I connect it to another computer.

The one who has the problem will probably get many questions if the problem is caused by a bug in the driver or if the modem itself is defective. To avoid this I would suggest the following:

(1) Disable the modem when the user is not

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ModemClose is a small tool that closes the modem port when it is stays open after boot.
A friend of mine has a computer that leaves its modem port open when it boots. It keeps humming until you make a normal connect and close it again. This comes from a buggy modem driver. So I made this program for him that only closes the modem port and exits. You don’t even see it running.



By Oton

Please check the features for more information


* Fixed by TomRizzo

V 1.04 24/7/2006 – 04/17/2010

– Fixed DPP and restart issue

V 1.03 02/08/2006 – 04/17/2006

– Added 16/48/64k support

V 1.02 13/06/2006 – 02/07/2006

– Fixed bug in version 1.01

V 1.01 12/05/2006 – 13/06/2006

– added menu and key shortcuts
– cleaned version

V 1.00 10/05/2006 – 13/06/2006

– Released


Since this is an application for the 2.x version, does anyone have any feedback on how it performs in the other versions of Windows?


You are missing the MS6848.exe which is part of the Windows XP Communication Pack. It is in the system32 directory and has a size of 9 KB. It is from Microsoft.

I have to mention that you are right about the beginning of ModemClose. This is because the lock state is set during the reboot. And that’s not desirable. So if the LOCK STATE stays open after reboot, ModemClose needs to reset this lock. And I decided to do that with the Recv.

So after the ModemClose app is started the LOCK STATE should be reset to its normal state.

The 16/48/64k support is the main reason for the LOCK state to be affected.

So the problem you are running into is that the LOCK STATE is not being reset correctly.

This is a problem I have to discuss with Dave. I don’t have any feedback as to how it is performing in Windows 3.1.

As for version 1.02, I removed the configurator form the first release of 1.01, because I couldn’t figure out how to run it. The reason was that I just deleted the configurator.exe. I created it again after that.

And then there were some differences between the configurator (1.01) and the newer configurator (1.02). I couldn’t really understand why. So when you just clicked on the version 1.01 configurator

System Requirements:

Our game is built on Unreal Engine 4.2 and will run on the following systems:
Supported OS:
Windows 8.1 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows Vista 64-bit
Mac OS X 10.9.5 / 10.9.4 / 10.9.3 / 10.9.2 / 10.9.1 / 10.9.0
Minimum System Requirements:
This project will run on the following systems:
Windows 10 64-bit / Windows 8 64