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Killink CSV is a simple and elegant solution for visualizing and editing delimited text files in a spreadsheet-like environment.Killink CSV is based on a simple concept: viewing and editing delimited text files should be as easy as viewing and editing delimited text files.
Developers typically deal with delimited text files, especially those that represent tabular data.
Killink CSV provides an intuitive interface to allow for navigation and editing of tab delimited or comma separated values text files. Killink CSV’s interface is designed to resemble a spreadsheet, which is an intuitive way to visualize data.
Users also have flexibility in viewing comma delimited data. Users can choose to focus on data in any column or sort data in one or more columns.
Killink CSV is a file format and not just an editor. Killink CSV supports the same sort of copy, paste, drag, drop functions you expect from any text editor. Users also have the capability to copy a range of data within a file, for example, the latest data points. These functions are made possible through Killink CSV’s “copy” functionality.
Data in a delimited text file is always delimited by a single character. In the case of comma separated values, the delimiter is a comma. When the delimiter is a tab, Killink CSV detects the tab character and translates it into a whitespace (spaces, tabs, newlines, etc.).
Killink CSV is designed around the concept of visualizing data. The name Killink, which is the noun, mean “key” or “killer” and makes it easy to remember the purpose of the software.
Killink CSV supports any character delimited file format, comma delimited, tab delimited, and even delimited with any Unicode character.
Killink CSV accepts any character delimited text file, comma delimited, tab delimited, and others.
Delimited text files are great for storing data because they are a compact way to store information.
However, they are hard to understand and visualize.
Data are often difficult to interpret and it is a common practice to move text into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.
Killink CSV solves these problems by providing a simple and intuitive interface that allows for easy access, viewing and editing of data.
Killink CSV is a simple and elegant solution for viewing and editing delimited text files in a spreadsheet-like environment.
Killink CSV’s interface is designed to resemble a spreadsheet,

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Just as the name suggests, the Killink CSV Crack (Comma Separated Values) Editor is a good tool for making quick work of comma-separated value (CSV) formatted text files. It is perfect for viewing and editing CSV data files with a few useful features and a clean user-interface.

Reading and writing files has never been so easy. The Killink CSV editor can read and write several different file types including comma-separated values (CSV), tab-separated values (TSV) and other popular types. You can also drag and drop various file types onto the Killink CSV editor.

In addition to displaying and editing your file’s data, you can run various mathematical and other functions on your data in the Killink CSV editor. You can filter out characters or elements of the data, number only certain items or add formulas to the data.

The Killink CSV editor has many configuration options which allow you to adapt the Killink CSV editor to suit the type of data you wish to view and edit. You can select a maximum or minimum value, set a maximum column width, select the “new line” character type and choose to work on a fixed or scrollable area of your data.

You can automatically add an “Explorer” icon on your desktop from which you can access various command line tools including “Find, Save, Revert, and Export”. Alternatively, you can export your data to a text file.

Killink CSV Features:

Exports your data into text files

Displays data using a grid

Displays data in an Excel style sheet (this can also be a CSV formatted text file)

You can add a “RIGHT” (or “LEFT”) mouse click to navigate quickly to various functions

You can add more functions on your right-click context menu

Exports to save your data as CSV, TSV, or Plain Text

Import excel spreadsheets

Connect to a database and run SQL queries

Add string values to a column

Add text values to a column

Use Mathematical functions to view data

Use Search and Filter functions to view data

Add new data to the end of an existing data range

Work on a fixed area (scrollable) or in a full screen size

Clear the data area

Select text

Export to text

Hover over a data cell to see various information

Killink CSV 20.61 [32|64bit]

Killink CSV is a delimited text file viewer, editor, converter and printer. The program is written in Java and provides ease of use in a Windows environment and with a clean looking interface.
Killink CSV, available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, converts delimited files from one delimiter type to another. For example, it can convert a comma separated values file into a tab delimited text file or a tab delimited file into a comma separated values file.
You can also easily print delimited files. Killink CSV provides a wide variety of print options that include PDF and in-line printing. Each option has the ability to print columns wide or columns full.
Both printing options have a field name prefix prepended to the column names and are separated by a line. You also have the option to save your printed file to disk using the Save As option.
Want to convert a comma separated values file to tab delimited? Killink CSV does this.
Killink CSV:
– Supports any type of delimited file with any character delimiter
– Supports any character delimiter with a wide variety of applications including Apache Pig, MapReduce, PIG Latin and Jython
– You can easily view tab delimited text files with a smooth looking interface
– Prints any delimited text file to a wide variety of formats including PDF, Excel and Microsoft Print to File
– Easily convert comma and tab delimited text files to other delimited files
– Supports up to 255 text boxes
– No installation required
Killink CSV is available on the JBeans web site.
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Killink CSV is the easiest way to view, edit, print and manage a character delimited text file. No need to install a full-featured spreadsheet program on the file server; it is a lightweight application that can be installed on the server that hosts the delimited text files you want to view, edit, and print.
You can install Killink CSV on a Windows or UNIX server to facilitate your daily tasks.
* Killink CSV can be installed on Windows 2000/XP, UNIX and Linux servers.
* Killink CSV is available as a shareware version. You can purchase the full version of Killink CSV, if you wish. The full version includes a support forum, the ability to print your delimited text files, and the ability to export your data to Microsoft Access.
* Killink CSV is available for download in source code and setup scripts from the web site.
* Killink CSV application includes documentation for using the program.

Most users prefer to install Killink CSV on their Windows or UNIX file server and use either a Windows or UNIX terminal emulator such as MSTSC (Microsoft Terminal Services Client) or PSFTP (PowerShell FTP) to connect and download their delimited text file.
What makes Killink CSV different from other spreadsheets and databases?
Killink CSV utilizes a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that features a ribbon user interface. This ribbon-based interface makes it easy to view, edit, print and manage delimited text files.
Users can install Killink CSV on their Windows or UNIX servers. They can then use a terminal emulator to connect to the server on which Killink CSV is installed and use standard Windows or UNIX terminal commands to download the delimited text file to their local machine and open it in Killink CSV.
No need to install a full-featured spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel on the server to view, edit or print your delimited text files. No need to create custom scripts to download delimited text files to a local machine and to view, edit and print them.
Killink CSV can be installed on a file server where your delimited text files are hosted. You can then use MSTSC or PSFTP to download the delimited text file directly from the server onto your local machine. Use a terminal emulator on your local machine to open the file in Killink CSV and view, edit, and print

System Requirements For Killink CSV:

OS: Windows 7 and above
Processor: Dual Core 1.5 GHz or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 support
Hard Disk: 1 GB free space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Internet connection: Broadband internet connection
Game Disk: 9.6 GB
Recommended System Requirements: