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Informatik Image Driver Crack+ Patch With Serial Key Free 2022 [New]

◆ Intelligent image scanning
◆ Automatic cropping
◆ Rotation
◆ Custom settings
◆ Paper size
◆ Color options
◆ Black and white
◆ Grayscale
Informatik Image Driver 2022 Crack Reviews:
● Good performance, it is quick and efficient.
● Includes several presets and customization options for images.
● High-quality output file.
● Very light on resources.
● Simple and easy to use.
● Has a neat appearance and responsive interface.
Review Informatik Image Driver

Informaticl Image Driver is a light-weight application designed to work with images, mainly used for desktop printing purposes. With this program, you can convert various image types to PDF format and print them to any device that supports the printing functions.
Informatik Image Driver is a simple and easy-to-use tool that is easy to learn. This application is convenient and usable in any Windows environment, and can work with various Windows versions.
Overall, Informaticl Image Driver is a powerful tool with a high print quality. It can save your time, and in most cases, is even better than more complex software.
Supported formats
Informatik Image Driver supports a range of image types, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, and other formats. The software can also operate with different file formats, including PSD, GIF, EPS, TGA, PCT, PCX, and ICO.
This utility offers an extensive list of PDF formats, including PDF, PDF/A, PDF/E, PDF/X, PDF/UA, PDF/JPEG, PDF/OCR, and so on.
Informatik Image Driver is able to save the settings for the scanning process, including the scanning path and speed, output format, paper size and format, and color profile. With the current settings selected, the application can convert selected images and save the results to a single-page TIFF file or to PDF file with multiple pages. The number of pages can be changed or you can even save the results in a multi-page PDF file.
In addition, you can use the program to create a custom PDF file from a selected number of the output images. Also, the software can scan to a PDF with a custom date and time.
Informatik Image Driver is a straightforward utility with several different settings, all aimed at increasing the productivity of the users. Its user

Informatik Image Driver Crack Free Registration Code Download [Updated]

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– Change the paragraph indents and styles
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– Extract data from images
– Import/Export lists, tables and formulas
– Add data to existing lists, tables and formulas
– Start or stop macros
– Open and close Excel workbooks
– Print only selected areas of a document
– Replace text
– Create file and directory names based on current time and date
– Create file and directory names based on current month, week and year
– Auto-calculate specific data in Microsoft Excel
– Automate calculations in Excel formulas
– Insert graphic images
– Convert HTML documents to DOC, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PDF format
– Create EPS files from a graphic image
– Convert Word files to RTF
– Automate Word document editing and editing
– Lock a document for editing
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Informatik Image Driver Crack Activator

Informatik Image Driver is a lightweight conversion program that acts as a virtual printer on your system. Its purpose is to transform any printable document to TIFF and PDF file format.

The tool can be accessed from any third-party application that supports printing functions. You just need to get to the ‘Print’ menu. There are several customization options hidden under the hood that help you make changes to the layout and quality of the output file.

Configuration settings
Informatik Image Driver gives you the possibility to select the preferred orientation (portrait, landscape, or rotated landscape), choose between several preset paper size options (e.g. A4, A5, A6), as well as adjust the resolution and scaling value.

What’s more, you can pick from different color profiles and fine-tune the halftone color parameters (e.g. brightness, contrast, tint, negative, dark picture, RGB). If the color settings seem too difficult to tweak, you can simply enable the grayscale or color mode.

Output file options
Informatik Image Driver lets you convert the current document to a single-page or multi-page TIFF file, indicate the output folder and filename, use the name of the source document for the output file, create a PDF file, as well as launch a custom program at the end of the conversion process.

Tests have shown that the application carries out the conversion process very quickly but this pretty much depends on the size of the source document and number of pages. It offers very good output results and preserves the page orientation and size of the original file. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.

Final remarks
To sum things up, Informatik Image Driver comes packed with features that can please both rookies and professionals. Its conversion engine is speedy and efficient.

Informatik Image Driver Description:

Hello Everyone!
The Website is back, and I wish I would update this review sooner.

Since there is a lot of updates, bugfixes, new cool apps, I decided to check if my plugin for New Informatik Image Driver 1.2.2 is still working and is it the best conversion program for TIFF.

Anyway, today I will tell you a few other informations about the program and also I will tell you about how to install it on your computer.

What’s New in the Informatik Image Driver?

When you are trying to use this tool you should try to use the latest version first to make sure that you have all the features that you need.




Informatik Information Technology

File size:

5.42 MB

Date added:

June 17, 2005



Operating system:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Total downloads:


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Product ranking:


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Memory: 1 GB RAM
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Additional Notes:
Please provide your full name and date of birth upon signing up! If

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