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Since LaTeX is a Markup language that uses plain text, as opposed to other popular word processors out there that use formatted text, moving text directly from it to Microsoft Office can be quite difficult. Consequently, the same goes if you want to transfer LaTeX plain text directly into PowerPoint.
Requires Microsoft Office to work
To lend you a helping hand comes IguanaTeX, a PowerPoint addin that makes it simple for you to insert LaTeX equations into your presentations.
For the addin to work, evidently, you need to have the latest version of Microsoft Office installed on your computer and, subsequent to its installation, IguanaTeX is integrated into PowerPoint's ribbon toolbar.
Simplistic and easy to work with
It can be accessed just as easily as any other PowerPoint feature, with a single mouse click on its dedicated tab. Working with IguanaTeX is quite easy as it comes with a straightforward and uncomplicated workflow.
In essence, you need to create a new LaTeX entry from IguanaTeX's toolbar within the ribbon, and type the equation in the displayed window. If you are sure that your code is valid, simply click on the designated button to compile it.
Type the LaTeX code, generate images and insert them into your presentations
The addin generates images based on your entered LaTeX code, which can be later inserted into PowerPoint presentations. Note that if you need to change something in your equation, you can simply select the image and edit it within IguanaTeX's tab.
As expected, the equation comes with the same properties as any image inserted into PowerPoint, meaning that you can easily animate, rotate, move and resize it.
Efficient tool for inserting LaTeX equations in PowerPoint
Taking all things into consideration, IguanaTeX is a very useful software solution for users who want to quickly and efficiently insert LaTeX equations in their PowerPoint presentations.
The addin is as easy to work with as it is unobtrusive, with its perfect integration into Microsoft's PowerPoint.







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Create LaTeX equations and equations
type within PowerPoint 2010 – easy way for users
to easily insert equations and create diagrams
Insert LaTeX equations in PowerPoint 2010 –
easy way for users to insert equations and
create diagrams Insert LaTeX equations in
PowerPoint 2010 – easy way for users to
insert equations and create diagrams


I used the following (must use Microsoft Office 2010):
Insert Caption in PowerPoint 2010 from this web site:

I then set the Table properties to be a LaTeX table. I typed the equation into the space and hit enter.

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The linear amplifiers, such as the class B amplifier, are widely used for audio applications. A class B amplifier provides low distortion signals, such as at high volumes, and prevents excessive power consumption.
However, high power amplifiers, e.g., class A amplifiers, can provide higher power efficiency than class B amplifiers. The class A amplifier uses a power amplifier transistor that is biased in the active region to achieve large peaks in the output signal waveform.
When the class A amplifier is supplied by a DC power supply, the operating point of the amplifier (e.g., gate bias for the power transistor) must be chosen to operate in class A when the DC supply voltage is at a high level. However, when the class A amplifier is supplied by a battery, the input signal level may rise significantly due to the fluctuation in battery voltage. In such a case, the class A operation point may be not ensured in a constant region.
When the battery voltage is low, the internal resistances are high and the current consumption is low. Therefore, the drain voltage of the power transistor is not high enough to operate the amplifier in class A. In this case, when a high input signal is applied, the output voltage and current change rapidly at a low signal input. When a relatively small signal input is applied, the drain voltage of the power transistor is constant at a low signal level and the amplifier is operated in class AB, resulting in clipped distortion signal.John Rumney Mason

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Insert LaTeX equations into PowerPoint.

Recognizes common LaTeX symbols and commands, and convert them to images.

Insert LaTeX equations directly into PowerPoint from LaTeX source code, with high quality image output.

No external LaTeX compiler required.

Insert images directly from LaTeX source code directly into PowerPoint.

Insert images directly from LaTeX source code directly into PowerPoint.

High quality images directly from PowerPoint presentations.

High quality images directly from PowerPoint presentations.

Create slideshow directly from LaTeX source code.

Import all image objects from PowerPoint presentations.

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How to render a geojson file in iOS Xcode

I am doing a small project in iOS which has one way communication with a JSON file. By this project, I have to call a JSON on server to get the data and render this on mapview, because my JSON file is available on server and it gives all the information to graphically format it.
I am quite new to iOS. I have been doing this project for 3 days now. The JSON file is in geojson format. I am using Google API, but for some reason my app crashes after getting response from Google API.
I have explored almost all the things related to JSON and GEOJSON for iOS. I have tried both CDTJSON and GTLRJSON. I have a model of a country to render, but I can not get the response of JSON file, sometimes the data is not getting interpreted by the object.
Let me show you the code below.
– (void)loadDataForJSON:(id)sender

GPPSignUp *obj = [GPPSignUp new];

obj.sortCollections = NSSet[NSNumber*]@[@”myid”,@”myname”];
obj.sortColumns = NSSet[NSString*]@[@”countryCode”];

obj.cities = NSSet[NSNumber*]@[@”Chennai”];
obj.cities = NSSet[NSNumber*]@[@”city”];

obj.persons = NSSet[NSNumber*]@[

IguanaTeX 1.45

PowerPoint addin designed to insert mathematical expressions into a PowerPoint presentation. IguanaTeX is simple, easy-to-use, features a user-friendly interface and is efficient to work with. It supports the LaTeX syntax and allows one to create and edit LaTeX equations.Interleukin-1-induced up-regulation of the myeloid differentiation factor 88 gene in synovial cells is predominantly regulated at the level of transcription.
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What’s New In?

Easily generates PDF, PPT and PNG from LaTeX
Easily insert them into PPT and in any Microsoft Office Word document
Generate Equations from LaTeX formatting codes.
Supports Unicode glyphs
Complies with the LastLaTeX and l3pdfTeX packages



You can export your LaTeX to a PDF, and then have PowerPoint use that PDF as an image:
LaTeX to PowerPoint
There is also a plugin for PowerPoint:

In 2013, Kevin Rose’s company, Digg, was purchased by the equally forgetful Facebook. In 2016, its founder, Kevin joined the backroom of creative agency, KlientBoost, to advise startups on how to market themselves. A year later, when the company went bankrupt, its small-business portfolio filled with promise went with it. So while you might not have heard of KlientBoost and its publications, its people are still working tirelessly for the next big thing, which is why today’s story is so precious. It offers a glimpse into one of the most influential, yet underappreciated, blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures.

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Kevin Rose, whose company Digg was purchased by Facebook for $750M in 2013, is now advising startups on how to market themselves.

Update: See comments below for more information on the company and its tech.UPDATED x 2: Driver’s Side Mirror Gaskets

System Requirements For IguanaTeX:

Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista 32/64-bit:
OS: 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 1.5 GB
Video Card: AMD Radeon 7870 or better (AMD HD 8000 or higher series)
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
How to install:
1. Open the Download folder and double-click on mpl_15_2018_win.exe!/?p=2997

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