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11/12/2012 . The IES VE CRACK.rarl is a important device, that is a. You can download.And you said to your servants, ‘Do not remember the deeds of the past,’ (3:17)

Today is an important day in the history of the State of Israel. It is the day the nation “transformed” its status from that of a temporary possession of the British Mandate, to a nation that would live among the nations and serve as an example and a light unto the nations.

Israel, in its short history, has had more than a few difficult moments. It has also had some moments of “miracle.” Among those “miracles” was, in my opinion, the miracle of the Six-Day War. I could never understand why the people of Israel was poised on the brink of war. There was nothing special about the Arab position in the region. Israel wasn’t ready for war. It was still a “dangerous” country, full of “armed Arabs” and “religious fanatics”.

But the hand of “Yahweh” was upon his people. And the “miracle” of the Six-Day War happened. And the “dangerous” country became a fortress on the banks of the Jordan River and the “armed Arabs” and “religious fanatics” were no longer a threat.

The “miracle” wasn’t limited to the Six-Day War. A people that had just defended its existence against the threat of “dangerous” Arabs and “religious fanatics” has learned a lesson that those Arabs and religious fanatics would never forget. Ever.