Icon Viewer 10.303 Crack

Icon Viewer Crack Free Download is designed to help people view icons in.EXE files and to extract icons to other icons or folders.

Icon Viewer Features:
# View the contents of an.exe file
# Convert the file to other icons by using the included template file
# Extract the contents of the application into another icon file
# View the properties of.exe icons
# Save icons to a folder
# Save the icon template file used for conversion


Size: 6.30 MB

As a thumb, Icon Viewer is able to help you view the contents of an.EXE file and to extract it into another icon file. And that’s about it, it seems.

For the sake of curiosity, it would have been nice if the application had the ability to save icons back to.EXE files, but that’s probably not something the authors have considered.

I was able to view the contents of an.exe file using an alternative application and it successfully extracted the contents into another.EXE file.

One other thing I noticed is that Icon Viewer will open an.exe file, and then ask to open a second file. Clicking on the second file to open it after it is imported works fine, but the app is buggy and I had to manually delete the.exe file that was open. For example, if you have multiple.exe files open on your desktop and you click on a file to open it, it will close all of the open files on your desktop and open the selected file. There is no way to resuse the opened file.

I would not recommend using Icon Viewer for any kind of extraction or saving icon files.

Icon Viewer 1.1.2 is a free software. You can download it directly from here. Their web page is down at the moment but I will update this review as soon as they announce a new version.

I asked the authors of the application, through a contact email, for a review by the publisher (Publisher’s Developer Company), but I have not received any response yet.

Download Icon Viewer

All you need to do is to follow the download link on the official homepage.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that the download is a compressed file.

Once you open it, you need to extract the seven files on the archive

Icon Viewer 10.303 Crack + With License Code

Icon Viewer is an easy to use, free application that allows you to view all of the icons that are found within an.EXE file.

How to use:

Double-click on an.EXE file and the following will appear on the screen:

Dragging and dropping the file will enable you to drop the file onto the image icon found on the desktop.

Right-click on the program’s icon and open it in a folder

The icons will be placed on the desktop as will the icon files they hold. You may have to wait a short while.

Double-click on the file you wish to save and it will be saved.

Install Size

3.96 MB

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Icon Viewer 10.303 Activation Code [32|64bit]

You can view all the icons in an.EXE file at once, even the ones on an IMG file. You can change the icon of any.EXE file by right clicking the icon on the file and click on “Set Icon”, and you can also “extract” all the icons from any.EXE file. All the icons are stored in a.EXE file. But you cannot save them to your system.

Noteworthy Features of Icon Viewer:

Free trial version, which is reasonably extensive.
Can extract icons from an.EXE file.
Can view an.EXE file and show the icons in the file.
Can view all of the icons in a.EXE file at once.
Can view an image file and show the icons in that file.
Can change the icon of an.EXE file.

Icon Viewer Download Link:

Click Here to Download Icon Viewer.

Icon Viewer Free Version Downloads – July 2008



04.07.08, 09:29

Thanks for this. I use this a lot…


10.07.08, 20:11

I’m using this icon viewer and they share very similar functions, the most important function is that you could extract the icons from a file, but I’m wondering, is there anything else it can do?


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