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How To Set Up, Use Alexa Hands-Free On Windows 10


How to Use Alexa Hands-Free on Windows 10
Making Cortana A More Effective Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistant says, “Thanks for asking,” or “What else do I need to know?”
The capability is built into Google, Apple and Amazon. It can recognize not only questions but also phrases and speech commands like “Okay Google” and “Alexa” for voice commands.
Cognitive computing is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can understand natural language and gain knowledge by analyzing the structure of data, specifically, human language text.
In the Microsoft speech recognition API, a user can interact with the system through a text-based voice command to control Microsoft services such as Bing, Skype, OneNote, Cortana, Office 365, and OneDrive.
As a virtual assistant, Cortana understands multiple languages and is best at speaking in the language of the user. On Windows, it can also be configured to respond to commands spoken in other languages.
These virtual assistants take commands in natural language and convert them to something understandable by the device they’re tied to.
Virtual assistants are much smarter today than they were just a few years ago. They can handle natural language and they can put themselves in a context to understand a sentence.
Voice commands for most devices are limited to the language in which it was developed, for example, Google Assistant is available in English and in a few other languages, and Android and Amazon Alexa assistants offer support in a handful of languages.
Use your mouse cursor to click an icon to launch your virtual assistant. For example, press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard, and then type Cortana.
Next, click Start Search, and then select Cortana.
To create your own trigger words, navigate to the Settings screen to find it under General. You can also select wake up to Cortana whenever, and even connect your preferred application.
Just record what you want to say, or open a file and speak it out loud.
Use your preferred time for the wake word to improve accuracy and performance.
Choose up to 15 trigger words to get different results, just like you would with a voice command.
Create a list of your own trigger words and set wake up to all of them, so it responds to them all.
Aug 02, 2020 Alexa is no longer available for download, and Cortana is no longer “coming soon.”.
Use the Windows 10 Alexa App to wake your PC with Alexa.
Get your PC to wake with Alexa’s wake word (like “Alexa”).


May 15, 2019
The latest version of the Alexa app for Windows 10 can be used hands-free. You don’t need to turn on Alexa the traditional way. You simply need to say “Alexa” and you’re ready to begin .
Jul 9, 2019
Invoke Alexa hands-free on Windows 10 by clicking and speaking to Cortana. This feature is available for Windows 10 devices that ship with Alexa.
Mar 4, 2020
You’ll get a prompt asking if you want to use Alexa hands-free. Simply turn the feature on. When you do, you’ll .
How to Turn On Your Windows 10 PC’s Alexa Hands-Free Experience

Oct 8, 2019
You’ll get a prompt saying you can invoke your PC’s Alexa hands-free experience. Simply say “Alexa” and then wait for it to respond..
Dec 14, 2019
If you have a Windows 10 S-class device, Alexa can be invoked hands-free by clicking the Alexa icon in the taskbar, and then by saying “Alexa” and clicking “Yes, I understand.”
Nov 23, 2019
You can turn on Alexa hands-free on PCs using a Bluetooth .

Porsche recalls 918 Hybrids because of overheating problem

Aug 16, 2020
911 fan site 991.9 has tweeted saying that the company has recalled all the 918s to fix a problem with the air conditioning system.
Air conditioning systems could fail and leak coolant..
“On 2019-04-11, Porsche delivered the 2017-2019 918-series hybrid sports cars to some customers for a new purpose, after the Air-Cooled Unit (ACU) of the Model 918 has developed a technical fault causing coolant to leak into the oil.
In the affected vehicles, the coolant level indicator light will flash on and off if the ACU is turned off. Depending on the severity of the leakage, the ACU may still be able to supply power to the vehicle’s battery, but may not be able to cool the vehicle or prevent the engine from overheating. The vehicle could still be driven under these conditions, but an overheating engine could cause the coolant to boil and leak, which may lead to damage to the engine�



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