Roblox was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. Baszucki and Cassel have stated that the game’s purpose is to provide an open platform for users to create games. Roblox was released as an educational tool with a social purpose and rapidly grew in popularity within its community. With an emphasis on community, Roblox is free to play and built around the creation and sharing of user-created games. Users create games using the Roblox Studio, a web-based interface. Games can then be played on any web browser or mobile device, and players are rewarded with game-related virtual currency Robux for game play. Robux earned by users is used to purchase virtual items for their games, including customizable avatar clothing and characters. Players can also earn Robux by inviting friends to join their games.
Roblox Studio Description:
Roblox Studio is the software application through which users create and develop their games. It consists of three integrated components: the editor, the runtime, and the platform. The Roblox Editor is the user interface (UI) used to build and edit Roblox Studio games. It is built as a sandbox and doesn’t provide any game logic. The Roblox Runtime is the game logic which contains game-like behavior, game logic, and game data. The platform is an API which runs the game logic and handles networking and other system-level tasks. The user interface can be built on top of the studio as an additional layer.
Roblox Is A Free Platform Games Kids And Teenagers Play Everywhere After Redirecting To A COVID-19 Page

What is Roblox?
Roblox is a platform which allows children and teenagers to play their own
video games together. Kids and teens create their own worlds, stories,
characters and unique game mechanics. The games are played by thousands of
children and teenagers all around the world.

How can I create a game?
To create your own game, you will need to access the Roblox platform.
Roblox Studio is an application through which you can create your game.
Access the platform through the Roblox desktop or mobile app, which you can
download for free from the Google Play or Apple Appstore. Select Roblox Studio
as your


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Community Support

If you are having any trouble, send an email to


DazeFix was written by slade777, and is a really good mod that might work on this game.

Use the code below to launch it. If it doesn’t work right away, you can try a different language.

Install DazeFixLang


Use the following code to launch DazeFix.


To repeat the game once, launch with “pongpong”

To replay a level, launch with “replaypong”

To play with bots, launch with “botpong”

to split off in a new window, launch with “pongpong –multi”

If you want to play at true ultra with mouse control, launch with “pongpong –mouse”

If you want full screen, use “pongpong –fullscreen”

If you don’t know what DazeFix is, it is a really good mod. It is made by a really good modder. Download it here.

To play with the community on Fly and one-handed, launch with “pongpong –single”

To play with the community on two-handed, launch with “pongpong –double”

Do not upload it somewhere. Unexpectedly uploading the file may cause the site administrators or the original author to get mad.

To play on Mac or Linux, use Openbox or AwesomeWM, and use the plugin Mac|NSIS ( or Numix theme (

I knew that installing mods is easier, but the ones I use aren’t even required for that, so it’s no big deal.

I want to be able to direct control the Bots, and to achieve that I have to edit and change names and variable names. For some reason I can’t control the Bots using the 1-hand bot, and changing the voice to “mad” causes an error. And I can’t use the bot because I can’t figure out how to remove him from any particular game.

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