Roblox is a free online game platform and game-creation system. Users can create games and play games created by other players.

In the above image, users have been able to create their own world, starting from a generic-looking room with a table and couch, and adding furniture and decorations. Since the basic room design is already pre-made, users can move around the room freely to find the areas they wish to build the interior of.

The idea of combining graphical modelling with game design is a concept in computer science called “gamification” and it’s well established in the gaming industry. It’s increasingly applied to the non-gaming world and has proven its value to the likes of Google, the United Nations and the World Health Organization.[1]

To create a game, the user opens the game editor and codes a high-level design. In Roblox, players cannot choose the exact elements of the game, such as characters, visual effects, and music. Instead, it is Roblox’s developers who choose what these in-game elements will look like and will be able to select them before the game is played. Roblox’s game editor is integrated with a programming language called Lua, which is based on the Lua scripting language developed by Roblox developers. Lua is the dominant scripting language on the platform, with over 50% of all games being built with it.

To build a game, a user creates a coding snippet for a high-level game design. The snippet comprises the details on what kind of object each part of the game will have (for example, which of its building blocks a user will add to the game) and what those objects look like. For example, a tree house may be used as the main setting of the game, with the users designing an interior space and a tree house.

The coding snippet is then compiled into a single program that is run on Roblox’s servers. The program is responsible for updating the game’s world through the dynamic object layer, which enables objects to be programmed to be able to move around and interact with other objects in the game. At this stage, the game is ready for playing.

The user plays the game once. A game is a collection of different activities and objects (e.g. characters, enemies, weapons, tiles, room elements etc.). The focus of the player is on the gameplay and the user’s interaction with the game


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Monday, 21 February 2018

Checkout the best Android Games,apps and games available for Download for Mobile Phones and Tablets.

8 Best Android Free Games – Ranging From Rides to Flappy Bird.

The following are the best games that are available for download for Free.

Android games ranging from puzzle to trivia,card games to action games.Explore best free android games,apps and games.Top 10 best free games.

Best Android Games and Applications,Apps Free

Here we list the best android free games and applications available for download.Feel free to leave suggestions and comments.

Best Free Android Games,Apps and Games

Best Android Games,Apps and Games

Colin McRae Rally

Colin McRae Rally 2

Colin McRae Rally 3

Colin McRae Rally GB

Colin McRae Dirt Rally

100 m dash

Cutting stars

Flappy Bird

frozen bubble

Flappy bird (Afterword)

From 4 leaves sequel

From 4 new Adventures

Fruit ninja



Kissin makeover

Marblebase in he basket

Jungle run

Jumping balls

Life of flora

Project 9 of 9

Reverse home run

Road runner




Social flight

Table turn

Shark hunt

Slide and flap fly

Snake game




Through the endless

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Download cheat engine

Open cheat engine of your choice and set the language you want to use for the cheat codes (the one that you already know).

You can also change the location of the cheats files. In our case, the cheat files were named cheat codes.xml, so we just choose the location (path) you would like to choose for your cheat engine.

After this is done, leave it to be on the automatic mode.

Enter Roblox

You should now have an interface similar to this:

The folder we need is cheat_codes, which we can access from anywhere by hitting the big cheats option at the top. The cheats are all here.

Start cheating

As soon as you open the folder for cheat codes, you will see a list with different codes. There are a few good things you can do with this list, but today we are going to focus on two:

Access the Roblox Builders Club

Create your own levels

We will get to the Builders Club later. But to do the levels, you need to create a level. To do that, open your cheat engine and go to level creator and start building level.

The level itself is saved. You just need to upload it and start playing.

Create your own Zombies


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