There’s always something fun happening at Roblox. We create toys and games that help the world play, work and live. We’re all about bringing imagination to life. We’re a community of over 64 million creators and 23 million unique daily visitors. Come explore, have fun, and most importantly, let your imagination run wild!

Play games: Browse games on, or play games in the Roblox IDE.

Create: Use the Roblox editor to make your games.

Learn: Learn to code with our free Learn to Code program.

Earn: Earn Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox, by playing games or inviting your friends to play.

Robux Description:
Robux is the virtual currency of Roblox that can be used to play games, buy virtual items, and make in-game purchases. Robux is Roblox’s virtual currency.

Robux can be earned and can be acquired through a number of game activities including:

In-game purchases

Buying of virtual items and virtual goods

Roblox Home: Home screen. It lists upcoming events, fun fact weekends, new games on

Roblox Bonus: Bonus screen. It lists upcoming events, fun fact weekends, new games on

Roblox Results: Game results screen. Shows for what you have won and the number of total games you have played.

Roblox Pick a Prize: Choose which prize you want in your Roblox lottery.

Roblox: Roblox Video Game Platform:

BloxCreator is an application for Windows and Mac that allows you to create your own adventure/puzzle games. A game is defined by a board that you can see in 3D, rules, descriptions of all the parts of the game (every single object), descriptions of all enemies, and a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
In BloxCreator the board of a game is automatically created on your computer so that you can use BloxCreator to develop 3D games.

Firefox Lockwise is a web browser that serves as a password manager and web wallet for Firefox.
If you’re like me, using Firefox for your day-to-day browsing, but also use another website for banking, email, cryptocurrency, etc., you might be a bit


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Roguewrite has a lot of free printables, and was the first site we ever linked. They have games and puzzles from countless genres and many printable versions of games and puzzles. The links below contain their full list of printables.

Universal X101
If you’re looking for a FREE Wallpaper, this site is a HUUUGE, HUGE list of free wallpapers. I remember seeing them over there my first day of playing the game and I spent a while going through the list with my stylus.

Ilo Journey
Ilo Journey is a colorful (and free) game about an innocent girl who journeys on a train, and joins other people on that train. This is a free game you download and play. It has a bunch of different environments you can look through, and there are a bunch of different tools to help you through the gameplay.

A very interesting site with a bunch of different puzzles, riddles and even a very unique word game that you play with a group of friends. Very good as you get more levels!

Random PDF Generator
Make your own random PDFs by using this handy website. You can easily select words, which in turn will make a random text, or you can select images.

There are thousands of these sites out there and they are very good for many types of studies. Find the list of printable flashcard sites that contain a ton of free flashcards. I personally found these sites by going through the list of flashcard sites on Google.

Istari Games
A website with games and a lot of free printables to download. The games all last a few minutes, and I love the Star Trek theme!

Calculator Free
If you’re looking for a simple website with a calculator, this is one of the best sites I’ve found. It’s got a few different types of calculators to help you calculate just about anything you need.

Creating Dandelion Supers
Create your own challenging dandelion supers, and then either upload them to sites like youtube for others to see. Or you can download them to play as-is (without uploading to a site!).


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Entity Framework Core – Avoid auto-generation of the GUID

If I create my own entity types, then there is no longer the option in the EntityTypeConfiguration to set the [DatabaseGenerated] attribute (the xml will show that the GUID is disabled).
Is there any way to disable the generation of the database fields for my classes while still using the Entity Framework for the data access?
I am building a generic file upload system that will generate a new primary key each time it is used, so I need the database to ignore this auto-generated GUID.
The code below used to work in EF 6. I can’t find anything online that is specific to EF Core.
var configurationBuilder = new MapperConfigurationBuilder()
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