Roblox is a virtual world and platform for users to create games and play with others online. The user can enter the world, create their own games and places, and play with their friends by connecting to a server in another part of the world. Roblox also allows users to edit their game as their creativity dictates. They can add their own music, voice acting, text, and more. The platform integrates social features to allow users to play games with each other and collaborate.

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Roblox is the #1 virtual world for young people and their imagination.
It can be as creative as you like. Take on the role of your favorite character from a Pixar movie, a Star Wars character,
a gamer, an athlete, a hockey player or a cartoon character and let your creativity run wild. You can design your dream world at any time!

Thousands of friends all around the world are playing, creating and trading together in this friendly community.
There is also a great number of items and costumes to purchase.

Get away from the stresses of your daily life and start having fun.


• Room creator – create your very own room and invite your friends.
• Dress up – use items to create your own personal avatar.
• Create – customize your world with different animations and textures.
• Explore – travel through your virtual world with your friends.
• Play – Join one of the great games available.
• Chat – Talk to your friends around the world!
• Map – Find your way and navigate your world.
• Purchase – trade items, earn money, teleport, create gifts and much more.

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