Create your own game studio in Roblox and build the games of your dreams!
In Roblox, players can socialize, create their own games and apps, and interact with millions of other players and become the next big sensation. With rich story lines, amazing gameplay, and intuitive, easy-to-use tools, players of all skill levels are invited to unleash their imagination and creativity. Players can live out their game dreams by writing their own original stories, creating their own games, and collaborating with friends to create immersive and dynamic worlds.
In Roblox, players are the creators and the heroes of their own stories. They write their own original scripts, design their own worlds and characters, and create their own moves and actions in creative new ways.
Create Your Own Game Studio with Roblox:
In Roblox, players can create their own games and play a game that can be featured on the biggest game consoles and can be downloaded on mobile devices. But players can also use this platform to explore new frontiers of gaming. By exploring robust development tools and having full creative control, players can design their own games and share them with the world.
Watch as New Games, Updated Daily:
Create your own games or join in existing games being played by millions of other Roblox players daily. Roblox brings the world to life in the form of interactive experiences. With features and rich content ranging from role-playing games to animation adventures, players can act as their favorite heroes in their favorite worlds. Roblox offers family-friendly games with intuitive, easy-to-use tools.
Open World Games with Rich World Dynamics:
Join in with millions of other players in collaborative worlds where anything is possible. Players can meet new friends and explore incredible games on a massive scale. Roblox worlds are uniquely yours and yours alone. Imagine no rules or restrictions in your own fantasy world. So go ahead, be creative, and have fun.
Get Involved in Huge Real-Life Action:
Create your own action-adventure story in the real world. In Roblox, players can act out their own stories or join in existing games being played by millions of other players daily. Roblox worlds are uniquely yours and yours alone. Imagine no rules or restrictions in your own fantasy world. So go ahead, be creative, and have fun.
Play in Massive, Interactive Worlds with Your Friends:
Whether you’re playing with your friends, foes, or family, all of


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