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Erik Cassel and David Baszucki created Roblox.
What they were thinking: A Roblox Description:
Erik Cassel and David Baszucki created Roblox.
What they were thinking: A Roblox Development Process(Roblox Wikipedia)

Join Koalake Studios for a Live Stream with the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Development Team on Saturday and Sunday August 17-18!

Time: Saturday 5:30 PM – Friday 7:00 PM
Saturday: Development Team Meeting, Games, Art, and Q&A
Sunday: Development Team Meeting, Games, Art, and Q&A
Time: Saturday 5:30 PM – Friday 7:00 PM

The BlazBlue community has been amassing some cool user-made costumes for the series’ fighters, and now it’s time to put their best foot forward! The occasion is for the one year anniversary of the series, and outfits from all five iterations of the game will be shared. Whether you’re into the series’ stylish anime or battle-oriented action, there are plenty of spots where you can be cosplayed as a character you like!


Features Key:


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Useful To Know About Roblox Cheats

Roblox cheats work on multiple Roblox games and are a quick way to get free robux, free robux, or level passes. Some may also include extra lives, or Pokemon Go Plus (In-app purchases). It’s important to remember that Game Ninja and Mumbo (like AppKiller) are no longer supported. I’ve tested these on the Roblox website and are working. Roblox give Robux back on Wednesday, so you have until then to grab it.

Roblox really got onto the smartphone and tablet scene with big success. They’ve expanded to other platforms with DLC, and in-app purchases. They offer a Lite version that is free and a Premium (paid) version. Players can’t access features like region locking and the console, but many older games are still playable. The marketplace is there too and there’s often new games. It’s the biggest social experience on mobiles and tablets and now there’s still version 2 too.

I’ve played on the smartphones (iOS & Android), tablet (Samsung, Apple and others) and on the PC on in-browser and in-app. Roblox has its own API to get around Game Ninja (previously known as Qwikloot) and Mumbo (MobiFun). It’s been in development for over 10 years. While there aren’t as many options as there were when I was in the Philippines, my cheat codes are listed in the handy cheat sheet below. If you have more to add or remove please do leave a comment below.

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As with any game, there will be times when you’ll want free robux, robux hack, or a cheat code to get to higher levels faster. Here are some cheats for Roblox, a few of which will help you get your free robux. This doesn’t apply to the console versions that Game Ninja won’t work. I tested these on the app (and in the browser) and they work fine.

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Is there anything better than the FOBH?
Is there a good place to get free robux?

Tbh i think pay 2 win games arent as good and shouldnt be used for free robux. as for free robux we’re supposed to be getting for getting achievements, completions etc.

1. The person that you just replied to was asking if there was a ROBUX GENERATOR on r/myroblox and if it was free. How do you know that this person even has a ROBUX GAMING ACCOUNT, or if they even want to get more ROBUX?

2. In my personal opinion, I think they are and the not. Did you know I think they are and the not? Did you know that I think that (4) is the same thing as a (1) and a (2)? Why do you seem to think that you know better than me?

Wow, you have a pretty short memory. So are you saying that you’re saying that (1) is not really a (1) in your personal opinion? No, it is, it’s a (4). This and this.

3. Free Robux? Players can sell their Robux. No, that is not ‘better’. You really cannot seem to grasp the logic behind what I’m saying. I don’t care if you view it as a fact or not. People choose to either sell or not sell. If that is better for some then that is their choice to make.

4. Which ‘player account’? Anyone can create multiple roblox accounts. Why do you seem to not comprehend that a user can create multiple accounts, and that if they wish to log out, they do so. Do you not remember the CSB episodes?

5. On the ‘terms and conditions’ page, as I stated, there is no such thing. This is something you make up to justify your reasoning.

6. I got more than you. There are a LOT of people going for this. After putting up this thread, we have gone from about 50 to over 200. This has been going on for some time, and it is still going on.

7. You don’t seem to appreciate that what I’m saying is the truth. I am not making it up or pulling it out of thin air. You call it logical, but I just cannot comprehend how you think that this is logical.



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This app allows developers to add or alter some items. This app can be used to: View your user stats; View all website links that you’ve submitted for moderator approval; Import chat & community links; Change some of your game settings; Revoke or give moderator access for your items; Change Game Difficulty & Open/Close banned map sections (excluded world map); Link a game item to your players ID; Edit story rooms; Find Ranks on the server. Notes: THIS APP REQUIRES ROBLOX TO BE INSTALLED ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE PRIOR TO DOWNLOADING THE APK. WITHOUT ROBLOX INSTALLED, THE GAME WILL NOT WORK. If you are unsure about whether or not you have ROBLOX properly installed, please check the settings for your device. If you see that you have ROBLOX installed, you will receive a notification that you can download the app. If you still do not see the app available, you can download the latest version of the ROBLOX app through your Google Play store.

It’s been two years since I’ve had a pair of headphones — at least, not the ones I’ve been using. For all my activity in the Android phone and tablet world, I didn’t have a pair of headphones. Then, one day, I was channel surfing (that’s how we described flipping through different cable networks), and I saw something remarkable. Synco Blue announced — in real time — that EA would be coming out with a video game of the week. My first reaction was great, even if I suspected it would be released to the general public on the day I noticed it.

Everything changed when Motorola introduced the first pair of noise-canceling headphones: the Motorola Vortex. Noise cancellation headphones were not something new at the time; noise cancellation had been around for quite a while, and even my earliest memory of the concept is of music from a television or DVD playing over a good pair of noise cancellation headphones. Motorola had taken it to the next level, though: they had finally created noise cancellation headphones with an audio system.

I dived into the market trying to find a single one of Motorola Vortex that I could be positive was not recalled, and who wasn’t from the 1960s. I found four that I could not justify paying for, and this was probably after opening several boxes of vintage winter jackets.

Since that search, I have


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