Thank you for mentioning it! We added a mention to it in the article. We should have mentioned it in the article, because the site isnt as trustworthy as some others. You can easily get your account banned while trying to download things, and your account might get closed.

Thank you for mentioning it! We added it in 10th place, but we should mention that it isnt considered the best. We should have mentioned it in the article, but didnt notice it. Its a good site though.

Torrentz is a fairly new torrent site that has caught a lot of eyes with its cheap prices for downloaded torrents. With more than 3 million torrents on their database, you can be sure that it is one of the largest and best torrent sites out there. However, most of these torrents are copyrighted work from various movie and tv shows. To avoid being caught, you have to make sure you are using the proxy version of this site.

Hotspot Shield is a free web proxy service that lets users to surf the web anonymously while protecting them from being tracked online. All you need to do is install Hotspot Shield client on your PC and download Hotspot Shield browser plugin from their website, and you are good to go. Even if you are already registered with the site, you can still connect to the website without registration.

iMesh is perhaps one of the oldest download sites. The popular file-hosting site provides a large repository of free games, music, videos and other multimedia content. It is also well known for containing some of the biggest and most diverse array of internet videos. But remember that there are many Trojan and Adware/Spyware copies of content here so make sure that its clean. One of the best features of iMesh is its forum section, for active communication with other users.