Sites like this have been around for a long time. Both KG and G2G are popular, but MyFreeGames is actually credited with being the first torrent index. This site was released in 2003 as a group of searchable torrents of games you could download. Ironically, it also featured games that cost money, too.

Similar to 7 Bit, the site offers a cloud-based feature that allows you to save your files. It also has a helpful forums, like most of these sites. Some of the games are free, others require a premium. For non-free downloads, it offers an easy installer that lets you pick your options. Torrents for games can be a bit of a chore to find, but theyre well worth the effort.

All the links weve shown you here are safe. They only offer games you cant get legitimately, so its absolutely fine to download them on their site. The games are all free, but the site does feature an optional premium account. A basic membership lets you download 3 torrents at a time. Premium members can download 9 torrents at a time.

While most of the file types offered by this site have a torrent, theres also a file. This is a link that takes you to the European version of Steam, which has some good deals on games. Theyre a bit different from what you get from Steam, though, and have some legal issues. I strongly recommend not using it.

This torrent site is also a bit of a mystery. It has some torrents, but theyre only one game files. There are no torrents for games, but you can download a torrent for a Guidebook that has some articles on how to download games via torrents.