Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that you have downloaded software that is not compatible with your system.
Users must confirm the legitimacy and accuracy of the software before downloading it, and be extra careful when a software is bought from the internet. If you havent downloaded software from a reliable site, maybe it’s time to think about getting your own personal, secure server to download cracked software from. Before you do, think carefully. This will only add more ways in which you could be attacked and spammed by hackers and viruses. Try to download a copy of the software before purchasing online.

Do not be ashamed to tell your friends, your family, your business associates, fellow church members, school faculty or even your school administrators that you have downloaded cracked software and you are having some problems. This should not be seen as a way of being a bad person. Your safety and security is the most important thing you have to protect. Always try to help others and yourself by finding out what is wrong before you become victimized. Its the responsibility of everyone to keep themselves safe in cyber-space, which means they must protect themselves in whatever way they can.

Don’t download cracked software from any website that has “.exe” files. Most of the time when you download such a file it is compressed with the program you desire. Therefore, you end up downloading a program and the program is restricted to your computer. It is just like receiving a virus from the internet.

If you do download cracked software then you will need to install the software that came with the disk to your computer. This is important since the disk will have lost the software’s license key, which will only allow you to use the software legitimately.