Hold Image is a powerful couple of tools that enable you to set up and enforce DRM (digital rights management) for your photographic work. The software features the [Editor], which enables you to encrypt images or create executable files and the [Viewer], dedicated to displaying the encrypted items. The software offers several protection algorithms for your images.
Advanced encryption for image protection
Establishing and maintaining copyrights in the digital world is a difficult task, especially when it comes to images and photographic work. Modifying an image’s metadata and altering the author’s name can be done with a large series of software. Therefore, Hold Image suggests a different approach to protecting images.
The software features two components: the [Editor] and the [Viewer]. The Editor is capable of encrypting images or sets of pictures alongside with the folders that host them. You may easily save the projects, for further editing, in a password protected .HID file, or use the build function in order to create executables.
Image property rights established and enforced
Hold Image – [Editor] enables you to create projects in which to include folders and images. You may add one or several images to each project and create an executable file that works as a secure slideshow for photo display. Each image can be applied a particular watermark or set of watermarks, as well as the name of the author, email or website. Moreover, you can set a master password or allow the software to generate a random string of characters.
You may add any piece of information you deem relevant or commentaries, then, when the project is finished, you may build the executable file. Thus, you may set the output format to .EXE or to specific [Viewer] type, then check one (or both) of the file behavior options on build: display a file replacement message or archive the output file.
The [Viewer] tool is created for displaying the files built in the specific format. It is a security software that does not allow you to keep any image editors or similar program opened in the background during its run.
Reliable protection for your images
With Hold Image, you may create high-level of encryption for your photographs. It is a suitable software for enforcing your copyrights and protecting your work against intellectual property theft. Hold Image allows you to establish a multi-level protection, such as master password, watermarks and metadata.







Hold Image [Mac/Win]

Protects your images with high security and at the same time allows you to easily view the protected content.
View the encrypted images
It is possible to view the encrypted images using the [Viewer]. This software features two modes. In the one, the protected folder is shown in a form of a normal computer folder. However, when you open any of the protected pictures in the second mode, they are shown as a slideshow with a warning that the image is encrypted. In addition, by default, the software runs with multimedia content warnings. The [Viewer] is also capable of displaying the pictures in the standard RGB (red, blue and green) mode.
Why use the[Viewer]
It is a suitable software for protecting your work against intellectual property theft. With a standard [Viewer], you can view the protected files, provided that the [Viewer] is not connected to the Internet. In case the file is encrypted, it can only be opened with Hold Image [Editor].
Create high-level of encryption for your images
You may create high-level of encryption for your images by means of certificates and certificates.
Set a master password or allow the software to generate a random string of characters.
Add any piece of information you deem relevant or commentaries to the project.
Choose the output format to.EXE or specific.Viewer type, then check one (or both) of the file behavior options on build: display a file replacement message or archive the output file.
Make the executable file by clicking on the build button.
Set the output of the executable file.
Give the executable file a password using a dialog box.
Protecting of the executable file: security, compatibility, standard behavior.
View images using the [Viewer].
General settings of the [Viewer] application
Force exit when clicking the escape button
Disable (or enable) the copy of the executable file into the folder structure
Enable (or disable) opening the folder structure in a separate window
Standard behavior of the images
Image quality and display format
Enforce an absolute path in the sources

View the protected content of the folder and files within.
The owner of the folder or the files (when the folder or the files is encrypted) may open the protected content using the [Viewer].
Requirements: For using the [Viewer], it is needed to have the following software:
[Viewer] application
[Editor] application

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Keep a copy of images safe and hidden all your privacy.

Present images in slideshow and order as desired.

Apply watermark and protect them with passwords.

Add comments to an image and provide a link to your website.

Protect your images with a special software.

Present your images as an archive.

Choose your output file format.

Prepare your images to be distributed on the Internet.

Also, if you want to use Hold Image, you must download the software. The tool is free for personal use, but with a significant caveat. However, if you want to use the software for commercial purpose, you will need to purchase it. The software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Well, maybe you prefer not to use it. Let us make a short review to evaluate the software.

What is Hold Image?

Hold Image is an application for protecting digital images in various ways. Moreover, it is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. It was developed by Alexander Walker. It is a stable tool, so it is suitable to use it in personal computers. It is a very effective tool for protecting digital images. Therefore, using Hold Image is a must for all photographers.

Let us find out why Hold Image is such a great tool for your digital images.

Features of Hold Image

Using Hold Image is relatively simple. Let us find out why.

Developing projects for protecting your digital images

With Hold Image, you can develop a project that meets your specific needs. You can use images, folders, comments and watermarks. Moreover, there are many useful options. All of them should become your friend during the photo processing work.

Creating an executable file for your images

Your images will become much more useful when you apply an image protector. You can create a file with Hold Image that can be opened with a specific application. Moreover, you can choose the output format for your executable file (in.EXE or.HID). You can also add any set of watermarks and mark the images. Additionally, it is possible to set the name of the author or provide a text comment.

Protecting your images with passwords

Your images are worth a lot of money if you are willing to keep them for a long time. However, you need to be very careful when placing them in a public place. Thus, you need to be very careful when deciding which type

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“Hold Image is a software that allows you to set up some advanced security for your personal image collection. The software is very easy to use and can be downloaded and installed without any problems. It features the [Editor] and [Viewer] for encrypting and decrypting your images.
The [Editor] component allows you to create projects, add folders and images to them. You may add one or several images to each project and use one of the many available encryption algorithms. Hold Image [Editor] encrypts photos, as well as folders and their content, which you may export in a secure.HID file for further editing. The [Viewer] component is a software that displays securely encrypted photo files. It runs in a single window, stays open during the execution and does not keep any image-editing or similar program running in the background.
If you encrypt your images with Hold Image, you can place a watermark to them, like a logo or a copyright symbol. You may also add an author’s name and any accompanying commentaries in the same way. Hold Image [Editor] is smart enough to use watermarks, so you will not have to sort your pictures manually. You may set a master password that will be used when generating the encryption key, or allow the software to generate a random string of characters when encrypting your photos. You can also write comments on the photos, such as web pages, file names, email addresses, etc.
While [Viewer] is obviously equipped with a viewer program, Hold Image [Editor] also offers a library that enables you to build your own executable file. You may build this file in order to display the photos on your screen. You may use the built file or set its behavior options, so Hold Image can display a message when a file is opened. The software also includes a settings menu that allows you to get complete control over its properties and behavior.
Hold Image is a comprehensive solution for protecting your images from infringement and theft. It is easy to use, reliable and supports multiple algorithms for encryption. I highly recommend it!”

Image Ark

The handy folder based image manager offers an all-in-one visual interface that enables you to sort, rotate and edit images. The software enables you to perform all basic operations in folders, such as creating new folders, moving, deleting and renaming existing ones.
Advanced image management
The folder-based structure of the software makes it easy to browse image files.

What’s New in the?

Hold Image is a tool designed to make it simple and convenient for photographers and online image collectors to safeguard their digital pictures. The utility offers unique support for a series of image formats and encryption algorithms, allowing users to easily protect their images from unauthorized use and piracy.

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Image organizer
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DX10-capable graphics card
Storage: 3 GB available space
Additional Notes:; RUN: llc -mtriple=arm-eabi -mcpu=cortex-a8 -disable-mips-jump-tables -split-dwarf-file %s -o – | FileCheck %s
; RUN: llc –