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Hearts Of Iron 3 – Their Finest Hour 4.02 Black Ice 3.1 Mod SKIDROW

Hollywoods The Killing(And All That Jazz) – Duration: 1:48:48. a black labrador retriever is out of control in another city because of an a drug problem.
Black Ice [SKIDROW]. Our Lady of Sorrows Cathedral, Valletta, Malta. A magnificent Gothic church with a square plan, it was built to serve as the grand cathedral for the Knights Hospitallers.April 27, 2006

E-reading via Nook at Women’s Minimum Wage Fair

Entering the Nook booth at the 2009 Women’s Minimum Wage Fair at the Jacob Javits Convention Center was like entering a parallel universe where Xerox PARC had an office and E Ink screens were on the rise. The booth featured a miniature Nook and two Nook demo models.

Early this morning I was invited to participate in a round table discussion on the topic of e-reading. Yes, you could say it was an all-girl adventure but really, a bunch of fun.

What was odd was the brashness (or lack thereof) of the ten women participating in the discussion. We were informed by Joe Glidden (formerly at Nook) that no one else showed up for the panel. He said that kind of thing was no big deal for him because he did not have to seek out participation but really, who wanted to speak to a bunch of clueless women (or men) at a minimum wage fair? Most at the fair weren’t even aware they could buy an e-reader.

Being part of this group was a different experience for me. The panel was held in a small conference room where we were seated in chairs arranged in a circle with the Nook and a variety of e-reading devices (Kindle, Sony eReader, Archos, Nook) on display. The audience was invited to join us. We had a candid discussion about the various e-reading devices that were available to us. There were only two participants who had already purchased an e-reader, one who had a Kindle, one who had a Nook and one who had a Sony.

To aid the conversation, Elizabeth Dunn of the New England Center for Law and Policy who was instrumental in crafting the law that requires employers to pay employees a minimum wage, provided an overview of the various e-reading devices available to us. Prior to the discussion she prepared a list of questions she wanted us to ask that would help to focus the discussion.

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