Grand Theft Auto IV – AGB Golden Team

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Grand Theft Auto IV – AGB Golden Team

dan houser wanted the player to feel like they had control over the character. he found the idea of having a multi-camera system similar to a film camera and a motion capture camera unsatisfactory; the team settled on the latter as the best way to achieve a more accurate representation of the character’s behaviour. the character’s facial expressions were all recorded by a single actor. garbut found that the facial performance was the most difficult to create, as the actors couldn’t reference the game in real-time. he and the animators worked closely with the game director to fine-tune the facial expressions. they used different performances to achieve the desired result. [11]

the game engine was developed and written by a small team of rockstar north employees, who in 2006 had approximately three to four people per game. [10] the technical team was split into two. one half worked on the engine, while the other worked on the game. [9] the engine allowed the developers to make bigger games faster; it was more flexible than previous games, and they were more confident in their skills. the engine’s five-man team worked from the rockstar north office in northwood, warwickshire, england. [11] the game’s 18-man team was based in burbank, california. [7]

dan houser felt that liberty city is a unique world that can be mapped to any era. the team worked hard to stay away from the stereotype of liberty city, like the film the italian job. [11] they based the world on real streets, and the team had to balance its detail against the restrictions of the game engine. dan houser felt that liberty city is a unique world that can be mapped to any era.

the team were inspired by the main characters of the sopranos; the writers were especially interested in the characters’ relationships with each other. they wanted to make sure that their characters were “real” so they avoided creating stereotypes and made them more complex. they also wanted their characters to be the best in their respective fields.
the team used the rockstar advanced game engine (rage) [8] to create the game world, which is larger than the game’s existing worlds. [4] the team developed a modeling technique called polycount filtering which resulted in the use of many polygons for characters, props, and buildings, giving the game a more detailed look. the team used 3d studio max, a form of ray tracing which allows the game to display areas that would normally be invisible to the player. areas such as television screens are closer to the player than a static photo, and therefore can be rendered by the game engine. the team used the image-editing program photoshop for the textures of characters, props, and environments. [1]
the game uses a technique called animatic, or scene building, to create a cinematic look for a mission. the animatic is essentially a low-quality video of the mission. the developers used this video to check the movement of the character, and to see how the character interacts with the environment. the animatic can also be used for technical reasons; the production team can see how well the game engine works with the character, for example. the animatic can be used as an evaluation tool, similar to the cutscene from the movie crimson tide which became the basis for titanic. [8] this technique was used by the designers to improve the quality of the cutscenes. the technique allowed the designers to create a variety of cutscenes that could be evaluated and improved upon in the final game.