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Fileaxy File Management Tool is a utility which is designed to help users manage files in any way they need. First of all, it is cross-platform and it works on both Windows and Mac OS. This cross-platform property lets you use it in your personal computer and your work computer. In addition, it has some interesting features and nice interface for file management.
• Sort Files By Time of Creation.
• Sort Files By Descriptive Name.
• Sort Files By File Kind.
• Sort Files By File Size.
• Send Files to Trash.
• Rename Files.
• Move Files.
• Duplicate File Finder.
• Thumbnails.
• Virtual Folders.
• Mark as Read/Unread.
• Tag Files.
• Tag Folders.
• Subfolders.
• Search by Extentions.
• Search by Size.
• Search by Name.
• Mark Files As Read or Unread.
• Split Files In Multiple Tiles.
• Mark As Read or Unread.
• Convert Multiple Files In One Action.
• Convert Multiple Folders In One Action.
• Open Folder With Passwords.
• Select Files.
• Auto Refresh.
• Size of File.
• Date Of Creation.
• Type Of File.
• File Size.
• Title.
• Description.
• Location.
• Physical Location.
• Tags.
• Subfolders.
• Subfolders.
• Search in Subfolders.
• Export Subfolders to Text File.
• Import Text File.
• Export Subfolder(s) to Text File.
• Import Text File.


– Change of Sorting direction with one click
– De-Mark duplicated files easily
– Remove duplicated files easily
– De-Mark duplicated folder easily
– Remove duplicated folder easily
– Folders/Files Lazy Loading
– Organize subfolders with labels
– Have you lost a file?
– Un-Mark all files as read
– Sort files with extension
– Sort files by title
– Sort files by name
– Sort files by date created
– Sort files by size
– Drag & drop files into file explorer or the other way around
– The program can now be expanded to Mac OS X 10.5
– Search large text files on your computer.
– Read/un

Fileaxy Crack+ Free Download (Latest)

Fileaxy is a cross-platform utility with an easy to use interface and a set of customizable options for bulk file organization. It enables you to view and sort files by their size, type and date of creation, and thus you will be able to look through the directories to find the files you are looking for.
All-in-one file management tool
Fileaxy is built with an easy-to-use interface. The application ensures quick navigation with an easy to use right-click context menu. There is also a main display area where you can look at all the files, organize the data by various criteria and preview the files by their content.
Find your files fast
Fileaxy is a fast scanning utility for identifying duplicate files. The application allows you to rename files, send them to the trash, remove duplicates and view large files easily. Moreover, Fileaxy is a manager, not a viewer; it can organize all files by their size, type and date of creation.
Large file viewing & management
Fileaxy is a cross-platform utility with a file manager interface with Windows Explorer-like navigation and context menu. The application is equipped with a large preview area, bulk file management and search options to help you view and manage large files.
The Features of Fileaxy are:
• Sort and filter files by type, size or the date of creation.
• Bulk files management with view, rename, duplicate and trash folders options.
• View large files and remove duplicates.
• Fast scanning for identifying and removing duplicates.
• View large files.
• Download and upload large files.
• Preview large files and delete them.
• View large files and create and manage duplicates.
• Organize files by size, type, date of creation and much more.
• Preview large files and delete them.
• Rename, upload and duplicate files easily.
• Find duplicate files and remove duplicates.
• View large files and remove duplicates.
• Search and organize large files on the local computer.
• Download and upload large files easily.
• View large files and remove duplicates.
• Sort and view large files by size, type, date of creation and much more.
• View large files and remove duplicates.
• Unzip large files.
• View large files and organize them by date of creation and much more.
• View large files and organize them by date of creation and much more.
• View large files

Fileaxy Crack + With Key

Fileaxy is a file manager that allows you to manage your local folder and get overview of the files and folders created in it.
It works in a non-obtrusive way and doesn’t take a lot of the user’s resources. The interface is organized into two main windows: the left window shows a treemap and the left section below displays the folders and files. The right section is responsible for the bulk file management, with features such as:
Split/merge/copy/delete files,
Delete duplicate files,
Rename the files,
Create/delete folders.
Fileaxy also allows you to sort the files and folders, to create custom lists and to preview the files and folders.
Key Features:
Split/merge/copy/delete files 
Delete duplicate files 
Rename the files 
Create/delete folders 
Sorting and filtering files 
View large files 
Manage duplicates 

Boost your creativity and get even more with Filegrep. It provides you a fast and intuitive way to search the all your computer files and folders quickly and easily.
– Sort folders by size, date, file type, or file content
– Fast searching of video, audio, image, office documents and many other formats
– Search both file names and file contents
– Save and view search results in a variety of ways
How to search the files with Filegrep?
Filegrep is the most efficient software for fast and reliable file search in all folders of your computer or portable devices, no matter the size of the file, date or format. No matter where you have searched or removed the files from your computer, Filegrep will show the results in the order of most recently or frequently access.
And it is much faster than many other popular software programs in the file search field.
– Find names, dates, and contents of files quickly and easily with keyword search
– Run different search patterns with ease
– Search file names and file contents in a unified interface
– Open the files you are searching in multiple ways, including opening the documents, images, sound or video files
– The file search options allow you to define any file format or content that you are looking for. Choose the search by file extension, tags, type, or by content of the specified type or an entire word. You can use the tools like TAB, UNICODE, or OCR.

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What’s New in the Fileaxy?

Fileaxy is a cross-platform file manager that is suited for efficient file management, organization, sorting, backup, sync, sharing, and cloud storage. It is not particularly meant to work as an explorer.
Top Features:
File Magnet:
Have you ever reached a location with hundreds of files and had no idea on how to get there? Filemagnet allows you to do that just by typing and access the folders that Fileaxy couldn’t show you. As such, you can easily find and spot the files you want.
Quick Open:
Arranging your files can be tedious. With Quick Open, all you need to do is to click the menu, select the files you want and drag them to your preferred arrangement.
Fileaxy integrates search within the list view. You can type inside the Filename column to locate specific files.
View files by any criteria or sort them in various ways with sorting. Selecting a particular column will make the sorting happen.
Navigate through the files using the up and down arrow keys and the left and right arrow keys.
Supporting a file’s parent folder and/or its immediate parents is a key indicator for Fileaxy. It also allows you to navigate through the file trees via a single click.
Pin the files you want to keep or restore.
Cloud Backup:
Backup files to the cloud directly from Fileaxy.
Powerful sync & sync:
Fileaxy supports various sync and sync protocols. It lets you sync with other computers, cloud storages, USB and removable media. It supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and Amazon AWS.
Share & Share File Link:
Sharing your files is made easy. You can share files with other people, drag & drop on website.
Instead of a password, Fileaxy suggests a one-time password that you have to enter when launching Fileaxy. The way fingerprinting works is quite clever. It checks what the algorithm calculates your password to be, what it compares to, and what it concludes to be the password.
One Stop File Manager:
With the combined features of Filemagnet, Quick Open, Search, Sort, Navigation, and Pinning, Fileaxy is surely more of a manager than a file explorer.
Keyboard shortcuts:
Keyboard shortcuts for

the main interface
for commands
for opening and

System Requirements:

Requires an Intel i5-2500k, i5-3570k, or equivalent Sandy Bridge CPU
Requires 8 GB of RAM
Requires at least a 1 TB hard drive or SSD for installation
The game requires at least Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2
Requires an Intel i5-3470, i5-3570k, i5-3580k or equivalent Ivy Bridge CPU
Requires at least