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May 25, 2018
Explaindio Video Creator Platinum 3.030. Explaindio Video FX 1.19 Pro. Gromada Videomach 6.0.0 Professional. GSA Clip Spider 2.73.
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Apr 22, 2019
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Jun 7, 2017
Show off on the go! Enjoy the 1-year license for the pro version, which includes. How to add your Explaindio Video Creator Platinum 3.030 Incl Crak 64 Bit
Explaindio Video Creator Platinum 3.030 Incl Crak 64 Bit |. I see explaindio video creator platinum 3.030 Incl Crak 64 Bit being used on YouTube more and more recently.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an image forming apparatus, an image processing method and a computer-readable recording medium recording an image processing program and, more specifically, to an image forming apparatus which can be identified from outside by outputting predetermined information, a method of processing such information, and a recording medium.
2. Description of the Background Art
Recently, with the development of network technology, electric home network systems, in which various household electrical apparatuses are connected to each other through a network and network control is performed in accordance with instructions transmitted from the outside, have been proposed. In these electric home network systems, it is necessary to identify individual electric home network systems as devices on the network.
As a method of identifying an individual device, there is known a method in which device name information and address information unique to the individual device are registered on the network and an individual device is identified by specifying the address of the individual device on the network.
In the conventional method of identifying an individual device, there is a problem that it is difficult for a user of the network to recognize or learn the device name of the individual device which is to be identified on the network. It is not easy to specify the name of the device because the name of the device differs depending on manufacturers. Even if the name of the device is specified, there is a problem that because no guarantee is given for compatibility between versions or revisions of the device name, the user may erroneously specify the device name.
In the conventional method of identifying an individual device, there is a problem that the type of the device is not identified. For example, when a device is connected to the network as a monitor, a printer or the like, if the type of the device is not identified, the user is not sure whether the device is a proper device to be registered on the network.
In order to solve the problems described above, it is an object



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