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Examples Finder Crack+ Serial Key (April-2022)

Examples Finder Serial Key is a simple-to-use application that can locate example sentences for any specified word. It comes in handy for studying the English language, as well as for quickly figuring out word definitions when you’re going through a writer’s block.
Simple setup and interface
Installing this tool takes minimal time and effort, since there are no special options, prerequisite software products, or third-party offers bundled with the setup kit. However, by the look of the fullscreen installer with the solid background color, it’s obvious that it hasn’t received updates for a long time.
When it comes to the interface, Examples Finder Cracked 2022 Latest Version adopts a normal window with a simple design and structure, where you can type or paste a word in the dedicated box and click a button to start the quick search operation.
Easily find examples by keywords
The utility can be instructed to search for whole words only and ignore the case. Moreover, you can pick the scan scope between dictionary phrases (simple or extended), literature, film, fortune cookies, British National Corpus (spoken or written), and Brown Corpus.
The search results are immediately displayed in the main window, so you can check out each example per line. The keyword is highlighted in yellow to help you easily spot it. Although there are no buttons integrated for copying, printing or exporting information to file, the first task can be done by selecting text and triggering the Ctrl+C key combination.
Evaluation and conclusion
The program remained stable throughout its runtime in our tests, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or prompt errors. It carried out scan jobs rapidly while using a low amount of CPU and RAM, so it didn’t hamper the computer’s performance. Although it hasn’t been updated for a long time, we haven’t experienced compatibility issues with later Windows models.
To wrap it up, Examples Finder facilitates a simple and straightforward solution for finding example sentences based on specified keywords, and it can be easily handled.

The trial period is the period of time for which the application is available for free download. After the trial period expires, the license key will be activated, and the latest version can be downloaded for $29.95.

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Examples Finder Crack Product Key Full PC/Windows [Latest]

Locate example sentences for any specified word
Find online dictionaries and thesauri that contain a large selection of example sentences, in many different genres, to help you understand new words or build up your vocabulary. Use the search box to find words by spelling or by part of speech, or by their meaning. Keywords can be typed in lowercase, abbreviated or full. Enter your preferred search engine and compare its results with those of Bing, Wikipedia,, WordWeb, Macmillan or the Oxford Living Dictionaries. No need to install any add-ons or plugins.
Control: Keyword search (default search engine: Bing) Change search engine through the ‘Search engine’ link or choose from a list of popular engines.
Option: Select the frequency of the search results’ display
Exclude: Select which results to display (from one to all)
Option: Select by part of speech
Option: Select by meaning
Option: Invert search results
Option: Show relative frequency of keywords
Option: Shorten full words
Option: Remove stop words
Option: Shorten words
Show tags: Show tags where the word is located
Text conversion: Copy text, select and convert text
Option: Paste raw text (e.g. from clipboard)
Option: Find/replace text
Option: Find similar words
Option: Find synonyms
Option: Find antonyms
Find or create: Find words from a dictionary database or thesaurus
Find: Find words using a dictionary database
Create: Create new entries in a pre-defined vocabulary
Option: Generate random sentences
Option: Generate random phrases
Option: Generate random paragraphs
Option: Generate random quotations
Option: Generate random cola dialogues
Option: Generate random fortune cookies
Option: Generate random fortune cookie dialogues
Option: Generate random film quotes
Option: Generate random internet quotes
Option: Generate random lyrics
Option: Generate random synonyms
Option: Generate random poetry
Option: Generate random quotations
Option: Generate random quotations
Option: Generate random fortune cookie dialogues
Option: Generate random fortune cookie quotes
Option: Generate random fortune cookie quotes
Option: Generate random film quotes
Option: Generate random film quotes
Option: Generate random internet quotes
Option: Generate random internet quotes
Option: Generate random lyrics
Option: Generate random lyrics

Examples Finder Incl Product Key [Win/Mac]

Use the word or phrase you want to find examples of in the Finder window. When the find button is clicked, the cursor moves to the next occurrence of the word in the Finder window.

Go to Example Finder by typing the address bar in your browser, or copying and pasting the address into your browser’s address bar.

When the Examples Finder tool does not work properly, please go to the Help and Support Page.

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What’s New in the Examples Finder?

Searchs for example sentences by word, as well as the exact phrase format

Scans for dictionary phrases (simple and extended), literature, fortune cookies, British National Corpus (spoken or written), and Brown Corpus

Quickly find words and phrases in any place by scrolling through the results list

Scans only certain search word characters (upper case letters, numbers, and symbols)

Scans only the length of your search word

Simple and straightforward software

It can be downloaded for free from and will be activated immediately after installation. The trial version contains a single functional scan, while the paid version can be upgraded in order to perform additional search tasks.

simple-to-use interface

Quickly find words and phrases in any place by scrolling through the results list

Support for full screen for a more productive operation

Fully functional

Support for Python and Perl programming languages

Excellent solution for quickly finding example sentences

You can download Examples Finder from and it will be activated immediately after installation.3.43.2015

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System Requirements For Examples Finder:

OS: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8 (SP1), Windows 8.1 (SP1)
Processor: Intel or AMD, Dual Core (2.0 GHz) or faster.
Memory: 1 GB RAM (minimum)
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics family, or better
DirectX: Version 9.0 or better
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2