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EverDoc Crack Product Key Free (2022)

EverDoc is a digital archive. It helps you to find and print your old documents, safely store and organize digital files of any type – printed, image, spreadsheet, presentation, web page – you can even create encrypted archives.
– archive any printed documents, including real-world paper documents – photos, letters, mails, notes and receipts (info, scanned, PDF and TIFF files);
– save mobile files to a USB drive;
– save bookmarks and open them directly from the archive;
– quickly open any archive file from anywhere on your computer;
– create folders and tags;
– search for text in archives;
– print all contents of archives in one go;
– batch printing (you can save the whole archive as a,.rar,.tgz,.tar,.tar.gz or.gz archive);
– auto-save all files you print at every 75th of a paper;
– print any document even with missing fonts – automatically downloads them from your computer’s Internet connection, and then prints them with the installed fonts;
– print articles from multiple articles;
– share your archive with your friends, upload them to the cloud, or share them via Facebook, Twitter, and email;
– change the layout of the archive;
– speed up archiving by copying files automatically from the clipboard, automatic scanning of old photos, or using preloaded document templates;
– backup archive files to the cloud;
– access archive files on different computers;
– open archive files on a removable disk and USB drive.
Supported file formats:
– PDF: a most common document format;
– image: a printed or digital image file;
– Microsoft Office documents (doc, xls, ppt): multipage text, number and layout;
– Microsoft Word documents (doc, ppt): text only;
– Microsoft PowerPoint documents (ppt): multipage presentation;
– JPG/JPEG/GIF image formats;
– DOC/DOT files: text only, more commonly used for MSWord documents.
Additional features:
– can automatically convert documents to non-printable formats (e.g. image formats, Flash, PDF or Flash files);
– can convert documents to formats that are not supported by the printing device. For example, you can convert images to any supported format (JPEG, GIMP, PNG, TIFF, PDF, etc

EverDoc Torrent For PC

– EverDoc is a digital archiving application that allows you to keep all the digital copies of your printed documents so as to find them at any given time.
– It is based on the PDF format, making it compatible with all the digital printers you use, including your fax machine.
– Use the application to easily store and organize your important documents, by printing them, creating digital copies and then, if you wish, tagging the files so they can be found more easily.
– With EverDoc, you can search through the entire archive by text, date or type of file.
– Further options enable you to save the files in a directory of your choice, as well as export them to another file format.
– EverDoc provides users with strong security, thanks to the PDF format.
– In addition, the program supports compression and allows you to add private notes to the documents you archive.
Key Features:
○ Safely store your printed documents
○ Keep a complete archive of the digital copies of your documents, even of those that you often print
○ Import your archive from the default printer, a networked device or even a file you previously stored in your Dropbox or Google Drive account
○ Import your archive directly from an email message
○ Get files into the archive in a simple and fast way
○ Manage archives on the go
○ Create archives in any directory you wish
○ Export archives to your default software, a file or even to a file on your mobile device
○ Create up to 1,000,000 additional copies
○ Add tags to your files
○ Filter files by creation date
○ Search through the entire archive using keywords
○ Add private notes to your files
○ Convert files to PDFs
EverDoc is a powerful and easy to use application that enables you to store, filter, search and extract files you print directly into folders of your choice. You can even convert them to PDF and allow for private notes.


EverPrint 2.6.1
EverPrint is an easy to use program that can help you manage all those print jobs from your local network and the Internet.
With this utility you can also check how much paper is used and when you have to buy new papers.
EverPrint Features:
– User…

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Document Management

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Store digital copies of all your printed documents so as to make sure you can find them again, even if they are no longer in the newspaper where you took them home at the end of the day.
Simple and intuitive interface, that allows you to view, delete or edit files without doing too much effort, even when the app is not active.

How to install?
Click on the link, follow all the steps then click on install or Uninstall, success.

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What’s New in the EverDoc?

✓ Stored documents, and files of various formats
✓ Easy retrieval
✓ Manually added to archives
✓ Search text
✓ Tags
✓ Quick access for the future
✓ Wide range of supported archiving platforms and mechanisms

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System Requirements For EverDoc:

Internet Explorer:
4GB of RAM
2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor
4GB of HDD space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, AMD Radeon HD 5770, or better equivalent
DirectX 11
Additional Notes:
Compatibility with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8
This game is now Steamworks enabled
All sales for this item have been refunded.