Greetings from the Silver Lands:

As a young child, you were part of a noble family that graced the lands of Elden. Together with your three elder brothers, you have been entrusted with the great honor of ruling your people, which stands as a symbol of nobility and honor. The day has come to grow from a child to a young man, to make a name for yourself and your clan.

Grow Tarnished by Fame:

Tarnished Knights are knights that are said to be heroes of the time of the long ago. Depending on their own personality and strengths, Tarnished Knights are born with various and distinctive battle abilities and characteristics. Enjoy life as a Tarnished Knight by shaping your own character and lead the Elden Ring to glory!

Advanced Character Information

Character Customization View


HP: Hit Points HP: Max HP:

Defense: Defense Attack: Turn Rate: Special Attack: Move Speed: Endurance: Use Items:


Weapon Equipment: Weapon 1 Armor Equipment: Armor 1 Magic Equipment: Magic 1

Class Info


Attack: Attack Strength: Attack Speed: Hit Rate: Hit Duration: Magic Attack: Magic Power: Magic Duration:

Class Level

Class Level Class Level Class Level Class Level Class Level Class Level

Class Skills

Class Skills

Class Skills Equipment Skill: Magic Skill: Weapon Skill: Armor Skill: Class Skill: Class Skill: Class Skill:

Class Skills: Choose three Class Skills.

Fortune Summon Skill: Choose one Fortune Summon Skill.

Unlock Skill: Choose an Unlock Skill.


Equipment Stats: Choose your Magic Items. Equipment Stats: Equipment Stats: Equipment Stats: Equipment Stats:

Class Level: Choose your Class level.

Class Level: Choose your Class level.

Class Level: Choose your Class level.

Applying the Costumes

Applying the Costumes

Applying the Costumes Applying the Costumes Costumes

Costumes Costumes

Costumes Setup Costumes Setup Costumes Costumes Setup Costumes

Apply Costumes

Apply Costumes

New Avatar Setup


New Avatar Setup

New Avatar Setup

Customize Your Character

You can customize your character’s


Features Key:

  • Wield the Legendary Elden Ring of Power
  • A Unique Fantasy Action RPG Rule
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • Customize the Appearance of Your Character with over 70 pieces of Equipment
  • Develop Your Own Character with Various Archetypes
  • A huge variety of Action Combos for hundreds of special skills
  • Enter into a Living Fantasy by sharing Legends
  • Quest on the Go by Quests that Travel Between Worlds
  • Superior Control with the Live UI
  • Strong Multiplayer Support and Online Play, which together allow for the Presence and Adventure of Others
  • Specify Your Style of Play with over 35 Archetypes
  • Use your Triple Threat Archetype System against Evolved Monsters
  • Over 80 challenging Main Quests
  • Story Mode and Free Mode offer a Great Variety of Quests
  • An Epic Drama with a Multilayered Story Shown in Fragments
  • Source of My Stories: the Conan Extra
  • Extremely Beautiful Multimedia Presentation
  • Elden Ring Details:

    Start the Adventure of a Lifetime! [ PREMIUM ]

    Price: 3,400 yen for Standard Edition, 5,700 yen for Limited Edition

    16,800 yen for Standard Edition + 10 DLC, 17,100 yen for Limited Edition + 10 DLC

    Premium Membership lets you access character development content, an additional story dialogue, and the Deep Dungeon where you can enter into the world of ALOHA!!!!!!!

    Overview of the Elden Ring of Power

    The legend of the Elden Ring is that your destiny has only one eventuality; to rule over the Lands Between.

    By tightly binding the powers of the five elements together, unleash it upon the world and obtain your birthright: The Elden Ring of Power.



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    Play as a Tarnished who is dragged into a desperate situation when the

    Elden Ring descends into a tiefling rampage.

    Tarnished’s departure from his homeland is determined, and his memories

    leaked out of the Elden Ring in the process. To return to the world of the

    Elden Ring, Tarnished sets out to fulfill the final mission of the

    Elden Ring.

    Gameplay STAR-UCCE game:


    Play as one of the new characters who are born from a Star-UCCE

    conspiracy that is going on between worlds.

    A special world known as the Star-UCCE has appeared, filled with

    elegant fashions, decadent entertainment, and powerful technologies.

    Even if UCCE is a young country, the Star-UCCE has great influence and has rapidly expanded its military forces.

    As the chief advisor to the King, the UCCE leader and the number one

    military power has been an indispensable protagonist in this world.


    Fall 2018


    Dev Updates

    General Information

    Bug Reports











    What’s new:

    New Fantasy offers you the unparalleled thrill of hand-to-hand combat. Whether you decide to create your own little world-changing story, or throw your weight around as a giant like the boss, you are the one who decides how to take destiny into your own hands. In New Fantasy you live the tale of a hero that seeks wealth, life, and eternal fame.

    8.9513710007.632912000.6417300100.16581009New Fantasy RPG2016-12-21T16:31:53Z Woman on the Rock
    >High adventure! Find yourself a treasure!

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